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"Having a system like Alcatraz, aggregates all the content into one place. It also allows IT to set up roles for the public records department to retrieve content without getting IT involved at every step — that’s a huge time and resource saver.”
Jonathon Israel, IT Operations Manager, The Florida Bar
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    Alcatraz Overview
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    Solutions Brief eDiscovery
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    IDC: Archiving and Governance in the Era of Social Media and Collaboration
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    Social Media and Litigation: Outlining eDiscovery Issues
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    The Actiance Platform
With all the hoopla around social media, email still remains king when it comes to data retention for regulatory or legal purposes. Sure, social media, collaboration, and other emerging data sources are being used more in the workplace, but come eDiscovery or regulatory audit time, attorneys, litigation support staff, and regulators are still most interested in reviewing email.

Alcatraz uniquely journals and retains email and your other critical communications in a single cloud archive, reducing the time and cost of eDiscovery.  It enables you to quickly search and review journaled content - from email to instant messaging to social media.  It's also the only archive that preserves context in an easy-to-view format, maps an individual's different identities across various data sources back to a single corporate identity, and surfaces rich metadata from Vantage and Socialite, forming a comprehensive platform to mitigate risk.

Ready for the future

Alcatraz not only retains email (Exchange, Office 365, Domino) but also the emerging channels increasingly being used today in the workplace.  Status updates, changes, deleted conversations, activities, files, and related metadata are all stored in a way that lets you see all your communications content in a single view.

Lower IT and legal costs

It might be tempting to keep everything indefinitely but think of the potential IT nightmare that creates.  You can lower your IT costs by creating and applying smart retention and disposal policies.  On top of that, Alcatraz retains and displays content conversation threads, rather than a series of emails, yielding eDiscovery cost savings as legal teams can find what they're looking faster.

Smarter eDiscovery

Leverage a purpose-built archive to apply legal holds accurately across all forms of communication, including complex social channels.  Search and review content quickly, and perform state-of-the-art eDiscovery by jumping to specific points in time to recreate conversations, activities, and events.  


Key Features

  • Capture of multiple content types with preservation of all metadata and context
  • Snapshots (jumping to specific points in time) with changes highlighted
  • Encryption of content in transit and at rest
  • Tamper-proof, WORM-compliant repository
  • Integration with Actiance Vantage and Socialite for active compliance and security features
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