Belbey Blogs: Is The FCA Anti-Social? #smfca

Written by Joanna Belbey, August 13, 2014

Uncertainty over   what‘s sanctioned on social media by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator of the financial services industry in the UK, has made the industry understandably cautious about social media as a promotional and marketing tool.

Firms in the UK have long sought clarification about how the financial promotion rules might apply to social media,...

Storify #ActianceInfoGov Tweet Chat - July 23rd

Written by Norv Leong, July 28, 2014

Today’s test article is by Norv Leong, director of product marketing at Actiance. Follow Norv on Twitter @nleong9.


Belbey Blogs: FINSERV Recordkeeping Redux, This Time for Collaboration Tools

Written by Joanna Belbey, July 28, 2014

As Social Media and Compliance Specialist for Actiance, I regularly consult with firms on the compliant deployment and use of social media within their organization.  And indeed, in recent years, regulators in the securities industry such as FINRA,...

What's New in Socialite? (July 2014)

Written by Jeff Zacuto, July 28, 2014

The July release of Socialite is now available, and I'd like to share with you what's new and how these updates and features can help you manage risk and be more successful on social networks.

New Compliance Features

Socialite’s compliance features are designed to...

The Perfect Storm of Social Privacy, the Law and Rights

Written by Sarah Carter, July 22, 2014

We are fast approaching a perfect storm in the world of social media.  There are opinions, rulings and guidance approaching from all directions, and they promise to collide in the near future. It promises to be a spectacle along the proportions of 1991 storm that spawned the disaster (or should that be disastrous) movie “...

Belbey Blogs: Staffing Requirements for Deploying Social Media

Written by Joanna Belbey, July 22, 2014

“How much bandwidth do we need?” is one of the first questions that senior management asks when firms consider setting up programs allowing regulated employees to using social media.

The answer naturally that depends on the scope of the program, the technology you use to support your...

WHERE is Social Business #SocBiz Headed in Insurance, circa 2014?

Written by Guest Contributor, July 16, 2014

Today’s guest post is from Mike Wise, President of WebWisedom LLC. Follow Mike @MikeWise07

June was an action-packed month for me, crisscrossing the country multiple times, speaking at four different events, talking with a lot of people about Social Tech and insurance, meeting with...

Alcatraz in Nashville?

Written by Norv Leong, July 16, 2014

Yup, that’s right. Actiance is bringing the famous prison to the 2014 ILTA Annual Conference, August 18-21, in Nashville, Tennessee, just maybe not in the form factor you might be thinking of.  

The “new” Alcatraz is the industry’s first context-awareTM cloud archive that’s creating a stir in the legal and IT communities for the unprecedented cost...

Storify #ActianceInfoGov Tweetchat July 9

Written by Joanna Belbey, July 15, 2014

belbeyToday’s article is by Joanna Belbey, Social Media and Compliance Specialist for Actiance. Follow Joanna on Twitter @Belbey.


If You Think Social is Only for Millenials, You're Wrong!

Written by Kris Vann, July 11, 2014

See this week’s IBM Social Business Insights Blog post “Social and Risk-Averse Enterprises: A Strategy for Success” ...

Tweet Chat series: Challenges of social content from a review standpoint

Written by Norv Leong, July 11, 2014

Actiance and Recommind invite you to join us for a Tweet Chat on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, at 10am PT.  Our guest panelists will be Dean Gonsowski (@dean_gonsowski), Head of Information Governance at Recommind, and Norv Leong (@nleong9...

How Facebook’s Experiment Shouldn’t Cause Compliance Emotions to Run Riot

Written by Sarah Carter, July 10, 2014

It is impossible to miss the news about how Facebook has been found out for conscripting Facebook users without their knowledge to attempt emotional manipulation. Now one of the data scientists involved in the...

EDRM Webinar Series coming up!

Written by Barry Campbell, July 08, 2014

Actiance has just announced a new webinar series:  EDRM Failure Points – coming up at the end of July.  Don’t miss this chance to Join Actiance and our partners Nuix, Zapproved and Recommind as we discuss how the movement to the cloud and the sheer number of communications options have exposed new failure points in the EDRM.

Join us for all, or any part of this three-part webinar series on best practices to proactively prevent...

Russia and Social Media

Written by Sarah Carter, July 01, 2014

As I write this I'm sitting on a train.  It's a rather special train.  The 002 from Moscow to Vladivostok.  Also known as the Rossiya...

Mitigating Social Media Risk at the Florida Bar Association

Written by Actiance, June 27, 2014

This article originally appeared on on June 25, 2014.

In a legal case, any communications exchanged can be relevant. Our interactions in online social environments in personal or commercial cases are increasingly being sought and deposed into court cases. According to compliance software vendor, Actiance, the number of cases has grown by 66...