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Workplace by Facebook Compliance

Stay compliant and connected while on the go.

Workplace by Facebook compliance
Compliance for Workplace by Facebook

Collaborate with confidence.

Workplace by Facebook has driven enterprise teamwork and collaboration to a new level by embedding chat, file sharing, and bots into your day-to-day tasks. However, like other rich, dynamic social media solutions, the use of Workplace by Facebook can create a number of unique challenges for Compliance and Security teams. Actiance can enable Workplace by Facebook compliance by:

  • Ensuring that business content that is subject to regulatory retention requirements is captured
  • Protecting sensitive data from internal data loss and external threats
  • Preserving the full Workplace by Facebook conversational context

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How Actiance can help with Workplace by Facebook compliance

Feature-Rich Capture

Socialite captures the full context of all content posted including members, posts, conversations, group activities, photos, and files 

True Compliance Capture

Socialite provides forensically-sound content capture and preservation of full binary record, message order, and hash value of all content attributes

Data Loss Prevention

Socialite protects sensitive information with near real-time alerts on suspicious activity while also capturing deleted and modified content

Export to Archives

Fast, seamless export to Actiance Alcatraz, or your archive of choice

The Actiance Advantage for Workplace by Facebook compliance

Real-time moderation & compliance

Control the use of Workplace by Facebook features in real-time with native feature moderation. Prohibit the use of features like post, message, comment, or 'likes' to protect corporate identity and policies while empowering employees on social media.

Expand reach with pre-approved social content

Protect your business while increasing the impact of Workplace by Facebook with a library of pre-approved social content that enables corporate materials to be uploaded and automatically disseminated to the workforce's social networks.

Meet industry-specific content retention requirements

Comply specific record keeping requirements for social media outlined by FINRA, HIPAA, FCA, MiFID II, and other regulatory bodies by applying retention and disposition policies to Workplace by Facebook content.

Supervision and content surveillance

Enable compliance with Financial Services supervisory requirements with expressive review policies, flexible workflows, and robust dashboards and reporting. Leverage full APIs of Alcatraz to deliver communications data to downstream apps for holistic surveillance.

Harness Workplace by Facebook with confidence

Workplace by Facebook compliance powered by Actiance Socialite

Actiance Socialite makes it easy to ensure secure and compliant use by capturing Workplace by Facebook content such as members, groups, events, posts, conversations, photos, files and more. Socialite monitors Workplace by Facebook data flow today so you can respond quickly and effortlessly to regulatory, legal, or corporate requirements. Socialite also efficiently delivers Workplace by Facebook content to archiving solutions to enable Supervision and eDiscovery with ease and accuracy

Knowledge Center

About Workplace by Facebook Compliance

Social media is now widely used for business outreach, which has attracted the attention of regulators who are defining rules that outline how social media can be used given specific regulatory environments. Hybrid solutions between social media and collaboration such as Workplace by Facebook platform are now in the spotlight. Regulations such as FINRA 11-39, MiFID II Article 16, and regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FDA and FCA are focused on ensuring that social media interactions with clients, business partners, or other employees can be controlled in accordance with industry regulations - as is required with any form of communication used in conducting business. The conclusion reached almost universally is that regulatory obligations are triggered by content like those on Workplace by Facebook, including the context in any of the conversations on the platform- not the specific channel or tool that those communications are delivered through.

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