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WhatsApp Archiving
Protecting Business Use of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp allows users to connect globally over unlimited encrypted text, video and audio messages, images, and files - at no cost. However, WhatsApp is now being used for business, where it has been the subject of regulatory fines. Firms must:

  • Meet FINRA, MiFIDII, HIPAA, and FDA mandates to only allow use of communication channels that can be captured
  • Ensure that encrypted WhatsApp content can be indexed and searched for supervisory review
  • Enable efficient review of dynamic WhatsApp content without converting to email format

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How Actiance can help with capturing and archiving WhatsApp


Socialite enables real-time capture of WhatsApp messages, group chats, photos, and emojis directly from the WhatsApp mobile app for specific users, content types, and more


Set granular policies and review WhatsApp content in-context, preserving the richness and dynamic nature of WhatsApp conversations


Socialite provides reporting across user, group, and global data to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements


Actiance Socialite leverages the existing WhatsApp authorization process without requiring the installation of new applications on user devices

The Actiance Advantage for capturing and archiving Whatsapp

Unified Identity & Policy Management

Unify user identities across WhatsApp and all other communications channels for uniform policy enforcement and a complete view of users and their content sources using Actiance Socialite.

Meet Industry-specific Content Retention Requirements

Preserve WhatsApp content immutably to meet record keeping requirements outlined by FINRA, SEC, FERC, IIROC, FCA, MiFID II, and other regulatory bodies by applying retention and disposition policies.

Supervisory Review of WhatsApp Content

Review WhatsApp content to enable compliance with Financial Services supervisory requirements with expressive review policies, flexible workflows, and robust dashboards and reporting.

Modern, Cloud-scale Archive

Enable fast access to WhatsApp content with lightning fast ingestion, search, and export with Alcatraz.

WhatsApp capture
WhatsApp Integration with Socialite

WhatsApp Capture and Archive

In near real-time and with full conversational context, Actiance Socialite captures WhatsApp’s native metadata for all WhatsApp mobile app content, including encrypted messages, conversations, emojis, photos, links, and shared documents. Once captured, Socialite delivers WhatsApp content and conversational context to Alcatraz, which enables the fast search, supervision, discovery, and export of WhatsApp content. Actiance provides a unified platform that allows organizations to capture, archive, and analyze WhatsApp and over 80 other communication channels.

WhatsApp compliance
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WhatsApp Compliance

WhatsApp compliance is a reality for regulated companies. Regulators around the world are clear - firms need to take all reasonable steps to avoid communications over channels that cannot be captured (as most recently stated in MiFID II Article 16). With encrypted messaging channels such as WhatsApp, the need for an automated method of capture becomes even more important due to the lack of APIs and weaknesses of manual collection methods such as screen scraping and user-driven back-ups. Similarly, WhatsApp compliance must also include the storage of content in an immutable, WORM-compliant repository that provides secure storage and fast, reliable retrieval of WhatsApp content when it is requested by regulators.

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