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Voice & Mobile

Enabling secure compliance for voice, mobile voice, and SMS

Compliant capture of voice and mobile communications.

Unified communications, VOIP, and other mobile-first technologies offer seamless access to voice, mobile voice, SMS, and collaboration messaging applications. While these new communications allow for better connectivity, they also come with new compliance challenges where firms must:

  • Enforce usage policies for all voice and mobile communications
  • Capture all voice recordings and messages for reconstruction
  • Be able to search and review voice, mobile content, text messages

Actiance Vantage ensures that all aspects of voice and mobile communications are captured and controlled.

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How Actiance Can Help with Voice & Mobile Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Actiance Vantage allows firms to meet MiFID II, FINRA, and SEC regulations for the capture and archive of voice streams and mobile text messages

eDiscovery & Investigation

Actiance Alcatraz enables the indexing, search, and retrieval of voice and mobile communications in a single, unified content store for easy replay

Trade Reconstruction & Surveillance

Alcatraz integrates voice, mobile content, and SMS with other electronic communications to feed trade reconstruction & surveillance applications

Enrichment of Voice and Mobile Content

Actiance's open platform allows for the enrichment and mining of intelligence from voice recordings, transcripts, and text messaging content.

The Actiance Advantage for Voice & Mobile Content

Capture of multiple voice sources

Capture of voice content from UC platforms, financial services trading systems, mobile devices, and collaborative platforms - natively and with best-of-breed partners

Robust policy controls

Enforce controls across voice channels including ethical walls and retention policies to meet specific industry, business unit, or geographic requirements

Search & review in-context

Search and review conversations in-context across voice, IM, mobile texts, email, and 80+ other communications channels from a unified content store

Open & extensible platform

Easy integration of voice and SMS content and the delivery of all communications to surveillance, analytics, and 3rd-party trade reconstruction applications

Vantage Voice

Compliant coverage for voice.

Today, more collaboration tools are embedding voice communications to offer users a richer and more personalized experience. However, the capture and preservation of voice and mobile communications can create new complexities in meeting regulatory and eDiscovery obligations.

Actiance enables control over these new, voice-enabled sources by providing:

  • Robust capture of voice recordings, including Skype for Business Voice
  • Policy enforcement with secure delivery of voice streams to Vantage
  • Context-aware search and playback of voice recordings within Alcatraz
  • APIs to integrate voice with supervisory and eDiscovery applications

Knowledge Center

About voice capture & archiving.

The demand for voice capture and archiving solutions has recently undergone a fundamental change driven by two key factors. First, there is a surge in interest for truly unified communications solutions where voice capture and archiving capabilities marry voice with other communications channels, such as messaging, email, social media, and collaboration tools. This provides firms with the ability to apply policies across all channels, and store them in a single repository, greatly simplifying search, supervision, and eDiscovery across users/custodians as well as all the content associated with them.

Second, new regulations require firms to control these channels. For example, MiFID II dictates that firms must capture all communications channels, including telephone conversations, that ultimately lead to a financial transaction. By leveraging advanced voice capture and archiving features, firms can capture voice and voice recordings, marry them to other communications channels for a full view of an exchange, and deliver that content for reconciliation with associated trade activities (as per MiFID II Article 24).

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