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Microsoft Teams Compliance

Empower your employees with secure, compliant collaboration

microsoft teams compliance
Microsoft Teams Compliance and Archiving

Deliver Compliant Workspaces.

Microsoft Teams is growing fast with over 125,000 organizations using this new chat-based workspace for group conversations, one-to-one or group chats, and the sharing gifs, emoji's, files, wiki's and more. Regulated companies, however, face the challenge of controlling these new forms of dynamic communications across the enterprise.

Actiance helps regulated firms:

  • Meet stringent corporate, legal, and regulatory mandates such as those defined by FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, FDA, and more
  • Ensure unified identity and policy across all conversations and content
  • Index content and meta data for lightning quick searches and efficient supervisory review and eDiscovery
  • Threaded conversations and captured in context

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How Actiance can help with Microsoft Teams compliance

Comprehensive Capture

Vantage captures all Teams IMs, conversations, gifs, and leverages the capture of 80+ additional channels including Yammer, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.

Efficient Supervisory Review

Alcatraz enables compliance groups to review Teams content and meet supervisory requirements, leveraging expressive review policies, flexible workflows, and robust dashboards and reporting.

Fast, Efficient eDiscovery

Alcatraz provides rapid search, legal hold, review, and export of all your Microsoft Teams data for fast and cost-effective eDiscovery,

The Actiance Advantage for Microsoft Teams compliance

Unified Identity & Policy Management

Actiance Vantage unifies user identities across Teams and all channels for uniform policy enforcement resulting in contextual views of conversations with users and content sources.

Enterprise-wide Microsoft Coverage

Vantage content capture extends from Teams, Skype for Business, OneDrive to SharePoint, ensuring that your investment in Microsoft technologies can be safely and securely deployed.

Immutable Cloud Storage

Automatically retains Teams content and conversations in their original form in Actiance Alcatraz, an immutable cloud archive, or your archive of choice.

Extensible Platform

Alcatraz and Vantage for Teams offers Teams native content on an open flexible platform for integration and export to legacy systems.

Microsoft Teams Chat-based Workspace

Microsoft Teams Compliance

As rich-media content, chats, emoji's, voice, file sharing from any device anywhere become a pervasive form of collaboration, the challenges of security and compliance become even more urgent. Regulations, compliance, legal policies drive even more complexity where organizations must keep up, and yet meet government mandates.
Vantage and Alcatraz solutions provide the security, compliance, and archive technologies for these new forms of unified communications.

Count on Actiance solutions for:

  • Compliance for Office 365 and 80+ channels
  • Context-aware capture, control, archive of Teams data that meets regulation-grade compliance
  • Unified identities, manage policies at the individual or group levels
  • Data loss protection, encryption, and secure, tamper-proof platform
  • Flexible integration of native or legacy applications for efficient Supervisory, eDiscovery, and Analytics
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About Microsoft Teams compliance

Microsoft Teams are being used by 125,000 organization as its new chat-based workspace revolutioning the way enterprises collaborate and create. Teams is delivered over the cloud as a next generation unified messaging platform for customers and employees. Whether you are on mobile, laptop or the web, all channels are compliant with Vantage for Teams. Regulatory bodies such as SEC, FINRA, NERC, and many others require that Teams content is effectively retained and reviewed. Actiance Vantage and Actiance Alcatraz not only capture and archive Team conversations and content, but also unify compliance and eDiscovery management for all enterprise communications across more than 80+ channels.

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