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Unified Communications Compliance

Enable Secure, Compliant Unified Communications

Unified Communication compliance
UC Security and Compliance - for Today and Tomorrow

Unified Control over Feature-Rich UC Platforms

Deploying today's powerful UC tools is not an on/off decision. Many firms require robust security and compliance controls to:

According to IDC, security and compliance are amongst the top considerations when evaluating UC solutions. Learn how Actiance Vantage can help address these requirements.

Key Features and Benefits for Unified Communications Compliance

Real-time blocking and monitoring

Employ rich Active Compliance controls including blocking conversations, posts, and file transfers, and enabling/disabling specific UC features.

Data Loss Prevention

Robust threat protection with policies by content type, keyword, or custom rules to prevent insider threat or accidental data loss.

Full metadata transcription

Metadata is preserved in rich snapshot for defensibility – capturing changes, revisions, embedded files, and third-party content in its original format.

Enforce communication boundaries

Secure communication beyond company boundaries with federation while also controlling traffic between teams, users or groups in the same company with ethical walls.

Unified Communications Compliance
Unified Content Store

Unify preservation, search, review, and discovery of all Unified Communications

Enable faster and more efficient UC content review by preserving the richness and uniqueness of each dynamic unified communications channel.

How Actiance Can Help in Unified Communications Compliance

Preservation of UC conversational context

Innovative Snapshot technology to capture and preserve full conversational context, including time-stamping to identify changes and deletions.

Lightning-speed performance

Unparalleled speed of ingestion, search, and export regardless of user load and data volume

Granular filters & faceted search

Apply powerful filters to target search across users, keywords, conversations, files, and UC platforms

Immutable data preservation

Meet rigorous data storage requirements including SEC 17a-4 with a tamper-proof, immutable content store

Unified Communications Compliance
In-Depth UC Feature Control

Compliant use and control over native UC features like Voice, Video, App, and Desktop Sharing

In addition to comprehensive content and data capture, the ability to control native features inside of your supported unified communications solutions is key to ensuring secure and compliant use by the users. Control over voice, video, app, and desktop sharing features are enabled via granular policies, federation controls, ethical walls, and more.

How Actiance Can Help in Unified Communications Compliance

Voice, Video, App Sharing Controls

Capture voice, video and or shared content, and control the ability to use these features at the user, group, and global level

Federation Controls

Control whom or which groups users can communicate with outside of the organization

Ethical Walls

Control whom users can communicate with, as well as the direction to which communications can happen within the organization – at user, group, or global levels.

UC Market size was over USD 34.80 billion in 2015 with 13.2% CAGR estimation from 2016 to 2023
Global Market Insights 4/2016
Unified Communication compliance
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About Unified Communications Compliance

For the past 20 years, enterprise security and compliance offices have focused much of their attention and resources on the regulatory compliance and information security demands of web and email as the dominant communications platforms of the day. Today, as communications patterns have shifted toward dynamic, feature-rich unified communications platforms such as Skype for Business, more firms are recognizing that the need to apply the same information security and unified communications compliance controls on these platforms as with email and web. These unified compliance controls include the ability to monitor and alert on activities in near real-time, the ability to block specific features (such as voice, video, or app sharing), the need to identify sensitive or valuable information that may be susceptible to data loss, as well as the ability to prevent information security threats.

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