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Navigate compliance complexities with advanced supervisory review.

Record Retention
Advanced Supervision

Meet supervisory obligations with confidence.

Actiance Supervision enables organizations to continuously scan and review communications to identify areas of risk with expressive policies and custom detection filters and case-management workflows for improved investigation and resolution of violations.

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Key Features and Benefits for Actiance Supervision

Unified supervisory pre-review

Real-time moderation, message blocking, ethical walls, and feature controls with Actiance Vantage and Actiance Socialite

Configurable workflows and escalation

Actiance Alcatraz meets centralized or decentralized review models with configurability to meet FINRA, SEC, IIROC, MiFID II, or FCA workflows

Pre-built detection scenarios, keywords, and policies

Actiance Alcatraz can reduce false positives by targeting the right groups or individuals for specific risks for each communications channel

Robust reporting and visualizations

Actiance Alcatraz provides highly customizable reporting and dashboards to enable full visibility into communications patterns and potential violations

How Actiance Can Help Meet Your Supervisory Requirements

Financial services compliance

Actiance helps financial services firms address multi-national, regional, and country-specific supervisory requirements outlined within FINRA 3110, SEC 204-2, IIROC Rule 1300, and MiFID II Article 16. Additionally, Actiance enables firms to comply with books and records requirements by enabling the creation and enforcement of granular retention and disposition policies, as well as the ability to meet immutable, ‘WORM-compliant’ storage requirements outlined within SEC 17a-4 and similar requirements globally. For social media and other emerging communications sources, Actiance enables firms to meet guidelines outlined within FINRA 11-39 as well as other international guidelines.

Manage information risk

Firms across all industries face the challenge of identifying sensitive information that may not be managed in accordance with regulatory or information governance policies. This can include proprietary data, trade secrets, material non-public information, or other content that could cause harm to the firm if leaked externally. Actiance Active Compliance controls allow organizations to leverage supervisory features to inspect content for potential policy violations and guide follow-up by compliance, security, or legal staff to remediate that information risk.

Enabling comprehensive surveillance

Actiance’s technologically advanced content store and robust supervisory capabilities are complemented with a complete set of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to power downstream applications and workloads including trade, voice, and behavioral analysis tools. This allows firms to perform holistic surveillance and event reconstruction by correlating voice and communication activities with transactional information such as trades and expense reports.

Active Compliance™ controls

Actiance provides real-time monitoring intervention of defined activities such as comprehensive feature controls, data loss prevention, and management of ethical walls across non-email communications channels.

Monitor, Identify, Act, and Report

Manage all Your Supervisory Processes in One Easy Dashboard

Actiance Supervision provides organizations with the means to continuously monitor and review content from 80+ communications channels within a single, unified review environment. Granular policies can be defined to identify potential compliance violations and information risks, which then can be evaluated against content from supervised users. Powerful filtering of content across communications networks and channels allows firms to reduce false positive rates, enabling compliance staff to focus attention on potentially impactful compliance risks.
Once potential violations are identified, a flexible supervisory workflow environment allows for supervisory staff to review original content in its native conversational form, enabling faster action with the fewest clicks possible. Lastly, supervisory reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility into supervisory tasks, the nature of policy violations, as well as insight into information risks that require further attention.

Actiance is well-suited for enterprises with the most complex regulatory challenges. For example, audit, monitoring and 'ethical wall' enforcement of communication interactions and data are strong
Gartner, Magic Quadrant: Enterprise Information Archiving, Dec. 2016
Knowledge Center

About SEC Rules 17a 3,4,5

SEC rule 17a-4 is well understood by financial services firms. Banks, broker-dealers, and investment advisors have long recognized the need to store data immutability in a WORM- compliant data store. For many firms, meeting this requirement has traditionally entailed investing in expensive Content Addressable Storage (CAS) environments such as EMC Centera, which require on-going investment to add storage capacity, compute resources, and supporting infrastructure.

However, meeting SEC 17a-4 means more than storage. It means that firms must take adequate steps to ensure that information is not accessible, that it provides adequate data security and privacy investments, and is protected from both outside threats as well as internal actors that could potentially tamper with sensitive financial data. For Actiance Alcatraz, SEC 17a-4 is addressed with a modern, cloud-based infrastructure that securely manages sensitive financial data in an infrastructure that has been certified as meeting SEC-defined immutability standards, which are backed by attestation as well as on-going audits and reporting.

Knowledge Center

About Record Retention

Record retention within financial services is ever-evolving. In banking, broker-dealer, investment advisor, insurance, asset management, commodity trading, and other financial sectors, record retention requirements are defined within books and records requirements outlined by the SEC, FINRA and other applicable regulatory bodies. Internationally, these requirements are outlined by IIROC (Canada), the FCA (UK), MiFID II (EU) and other groups.

For multi-national financial institutions, the challenge is not only to keep up with a fluid regulatory environment around the world (notwithstanding the potential for regulatory roll-back in the US), but also to ensure that internal systems have the flexibility to respond to changes that impact record retention requirements and allow them to deploy policies flexibly across all markets they operate within.

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