The Actiance Platform enables your organization to utilize the right tools with the governance required to meet your specific regulatory and business requirements.

With the ability to control, monitor, capture, archive, and search content across the broadest spectrum of communications channels, the Actiance platform allows your employees to utilize the most effective social communications channels with confidence.

A Dynamic Communications Landscape
Adopting and enabling new communications channels such as enterprise social software, unified communication, instant messaging, and social networks in a way that meets regulatory, legal and corporate requirements can be a challenge.

The Actiance platform for compliance, archiving, and analytics is built from the ground up to address todays and tomorrow’s regulatory environment. It provides your regulated organization the granularity of control and flexibility it needs to stay ahead of the changing business and regulatory environments, as well as your competition.

The Actiance platform allows you to:

  • Capture 70-plus communications channels including email, public social (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), enterprise social (i.e. Sharepoint, Jive, IBM Connections, Salesforce Chatter, etc.), unified communications (Microsoft Skype for Business, IBM Sametime, Cisco Jabber, etc.), community networks (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Symphony, etc.), Mobile SMS text messages, and a SDK for custom developed communications and chat applications
  • Enforce active compliance and set policies over what employees can say and what features they can use – and with whom – on corporate communications channels;
  • Keep your data secure and protect your brand by supervising conversations and activities across communications channels;
  • Achieve full data retention compliance by archiving content to secure, long-term cloud-storage
  • Create legal holds and respond to eDiscovery faster, easier and less costly with built-in case management, advanced search, culling, tagging, and export;
  • Leverage employee supervision rules with advanced classification and route to compliance work queues
  • Search on content by what was meant – not just what was said – with contextual content review;

Avoid sanctions and fines due to non-compliance
Organizations in regulated industries have experienced higher levels of regulatory scrutiny, which in turn has triggered several high-profile cases of non-compliance -including failure to follow records retention rules. Archiving, supervising, and management of all of your organization’s communications is the surest way to stay ahead of increasingly complex compliance demands.

Protect confidential information
With new communications channels popping up in the enterprise daily, sensitive information can leak much more easily. To reduce this risk, organizations should monitor their communications in real-time so that in the event an employee breaks policy, the organization can be alerted in advance of that communication and take action immediately to avoid damage. For example, in the energy industry, regulations stipulate that communications between parties with potential conflicts of interest such as energy traders and energy producers, are prohibited from communicating with each other. In these situations, Actiance will create systematic ethical walls that would prevent these conflicts of interest. This capability is particularly important in vertically integrated companies where regulatory agencies want to insure that specific transactions are done at arms’ length.

TrueCompliance™ Technology from Actiance
The Actiance platform features a unique set of TrueComplianceTM features such as guaranteed message delivery, tamper-proof stamps, and message order preservation, ensuring your content will hold up to a compliance audit. Coupled with immutable cloud archive storage, Actiance provides organizations the most comprehensive set of compliance features in the industry reducing overall risk exposure.

For over a decade, Actiance has delivered the industry leading solutions for regulated enterprise customers to meet compliance requirements across feature control, content capture and archiving, and employee supervision. The Actiance vision is to help our customers centrally manage and execute their compliance and governance policies across the complete information lifecycle from content creation through retention, analysis and disposition.

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