Real-time communications and access to information makes your employees more efficient and productive. However with more people creating and sharing sensitive business content on a growing number of social communications channels, it’s important to monitor, secure and manage your organization’s exposure to security risks.

Leak prevention
Social communications has become a fast and easy way to communicate with both colleagues and customers. Conversely, sensitive corporate information can be inadvertently or maliciously leaked so quickly that its loss can be unknown for long periods of time. A main cause of data leakage can be traced back to the fact that many of these communications platforms store content is differing and non-secure ways. Email can be easily moved out of the email system into PSTs and forwarded outside of the organization in seconds. An IM conversation can be started with external parties and sensitive organization data can be attached and sent immediately. What’s needed is secure centralized storage of all of your communication platforms as well as the ability to issue real-time notifications based on content containing lexicon matches (such as keywords, phrases or patterns such as SS#) to help quickly identify and prevent data leaks that could compromise your business and expose you to litigation and regulatory non-compliance.

Protect against malware and viruses
Content received and shared both inside and outside of your organization can contain malware and viruses that can cost your organization time and money. Emerging forms of social communications have become an often overlooked path for virus infiltration. Real-time analysis of this dynamic content to help identify threats before they become costly issues, is a cost effective insurance policy.

Understand what was meant, not just what was said
Review what employees said in social communications, who they communicated with including external domains, and the actions they took including all changes and deletions to the conversation thread along the way. The Actiance platform captures and provides insights across all channels so you’ve got a full record of all inappropriate communications behavior.

The Actiance platform supports today’s most popular social communications networks and is continually expanding coverage to address additional, emerging channels. The Actiance platform allows you to provide the most productive social communications applications available today to your employees, quickly, all without having to compromise your enterprise security requirements.

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