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Communications Security

Protect and secure your communications and connect with confidence.

Communications Security
Comprehensive Communications Security

Mitigate risk and secure all communications from data loss and breach.

Employees make your business run, so you need to protect critical communications data internally and externally. Ensure they're securely using email and digital communications at the right time, for the right reason. We help you protect your communications by detecting and mitigating potential threats and compliance risks with:

  • Information governance and internal data protection
  • Threat detection to prevent external breach
  • Secure and advanced federation controls

Communications Security Key Features and Benefits

Data Loss Prevention

Protect sensitive information at organizational, group, or user level across all communications from Skype for Business to Facebook.

Deep Security Controls & Policies

Granular regulatory, corporate, or feature-driven policies that provide maximum protection when sharing information internally and externally.

External Threat Prevention

Advanced security and malware scans across unified communications, email, and social channels to instantly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Advanced Federation Controls

Securely federate with various networks with optimized identity management and blacklist/whitelist capabilities to safeguard external collaboration.

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About Communications Security

Business value is derived from enterprise communications and team collaboration. On any given day, information transmission averages 120 - 150 emails and 180+ messages, photos, files, and attachments among employees and external parties. At the core of increasing information flow is the question of how companies should focus on the security, risk mitigation, and protection of the transmission and sharing of information both internally and externally.
Corporate communications regularly transmits an organization's intellectual property, by far one the most valuable asset of a business. By enforcing data loss prevention measures, it will protect intellectual property from being accidentally purged or intentionally used by internal bad actors. Advanced federation, ethical walls, and real-time security analytics will help lower external security risk and protect a business from external threats and breach. For more information on the Actiance Security solution, click here

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