New social channels lead to both opportunity and additional risk
Companies in regulated industries are, to a certain degree, used to keeping up with the regularly changing business regulatory environment. However, ensuring regulatory compliance while also dealing with industry business drivers can make staying compliant especially difficult and costly. Enabling organizations to operate in an increasingly competitive business environment depends on real-time communications and instant access to all communication, collaboration, and social networks at their disposal.

A Tightening Regulatory Environment
Most government regulations all have one goal in common; to ensure that organizations play by the rules which includes protecting customer information. To that end, companies must be prepared to search for and turn over requested information, no matter the format, to regulatory agencies when asked. To enable this, companies must adopt systems that can capture, archive and manage their business information in such a way to be able to respond to an agency information request quickly.

Active Compliance with the Actiance platform
The Actiance Platform helps regulated organizations meet federal, state and local regulatory requirements for data retention and supervision. This is accomplished by enabling the capture, archiving, control, management and monitoring of new and emerging social communications channels, social media platforms, and email content. For example, policies can be implemented within Actiance to enforce ethical walls between trading groups, provide feature control within specific channels, and use lexicons to block messages containing specific keywords, phrases or expressions from being transferred outside of the organization.

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