Ensure state and local government FOIA compliance, reduce eDiscovery risk, empower your employees

The public’s ability to request information about the running of their government has been a longstanding oversight tool for citizens for many years.

Open government or sunshine laws, also referred to as freedom of information act (FOIA) regulations, typically specify the types of government agency documents citizens can request and the response time the government agency has to turn them over. The procedures established under FOIA laws are necessary to ensure that agencies fully satisfy their responsibility to the public to disclose departmental information on the running of the agency while simultaneously safeguarding individual privacy.

Previously, that information tended to be hard copy and email content. But with the rise of social communications and collaboration applications and the use of social media platforms by agencies, FOIA requests now encompass a much larger universe of possible record types, greatly complicating the agency’s processes for collecting and turning over relevant information. As the number of FOIA requests have dramatically increased in recent years, government agencies have struggled to keep pace with some federal agencies facing FOIA back logs in the tens of thousands of requests, substantially increasing cost to comply.

Complicating the FOIA challenge further, litigation can be a direct result of a slow or incomplete FOIA response. Many FOIA requests that are not fulfilled satisfactorily end up in a legal proceeding that can trigger discovery requirements – a much more stringent requirement.

The Actiance Platform helps organizations meet U.S. federal and state FOIA and litigation preparedness requirements and lower total cost by enabling the capture, archiving, control and management of new social communications channels, social media platforms, and email content.

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