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Office 365 Compliance and Archiving

Deploy Office 365 with confidence.

Capture and retain Office 365 channels and 80+ social channels to maintain regulatory compliance.

Office 365 compliance
Enabling the compliant use of Office 365

Native capture, control, and retention of all Office 365 channels.

Actiance enables the seamless deployment of Office 365 with compliant capture and context-aware archiving for email and most communication channels.

  • Preserve context and enforce context-driven data classification across 80+ communication channels
  • TrueCompliance capture of Skype for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive
  • Context-aware archiving of all Office 365 content
  • Secure management and simple AD sync within Microsoft Azure

The Actiance Advantage

Voice capture and review for Skype for Business

Full call detail and record capture of Skype for Business voice with contextual playback and review

TrueCompliance™ capture of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yammer

Full fidelity capture, logging, reporting, and delivery of IM, chat, files, video, and meeting content for secure archiving

Context-aware archiving of all content

Preserve conversational context of Office 365 content in an archive designed for any structured or unstructured data

Scale and Security in Microsoft Azure

Host Actiance on Microsoft Azure with automated active directory sync from on-premise to the cloud

Office 365 archive
Extend Controls to All Content Sources

Capture and preserve all content in-context.

Today, organizations are likely to have sensitive or high value business data in many locations - including non-Microsoft content sources like Salesforce Chatter, Cisco Jabber, Twitter, Slack, or Bloomberg. Actiance allows you to extend control over 80+ content sources, through:

  • TrueCompliance™ capture of all content
  • Context-aware capture and preservation
  • Unified identity and policy management
  • Content delivery to Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

The Actiance Advantage

TrueCompliance™ capture of all content

Forensically-sound full binary record capture, message order preservation, and automatic verification of data integrity for all UC, IM, and enterprise social content

Context-aware capture

Capture full conversational snapshots from social media, unified communications, and other message apps, including edited and deleted posts

Unified identity & policy management

Leverage Active Directory settings to create global user identities across channels and enforce policies uniformly across all communications networks

Content delivery to Security & Compliance Center

Securely deliver all non-Microsoft content for archiving and analysis in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

Office 365 compliance
Purpose-built for Complex Use Cases

Meet today's complex regulatory and eDiscovery demands.

For firms operating in complex, global regulated environments and for those facing large volumes of eDiscovery, data must always be under control, searchable, and ready to be processed regardless of the size of the matter, volume of data requested, or number of investigations currently open. Actiance helps Office 365 customers with:

  • Active Compliance controls
  • Cloud-scale content storage
  • Robust eDiscovery features
  • Supervisory review and content surveillance

The Actiance Advantage for Office 365 Archiving and Compliance

Active Compliance controls

Proactive policy controls over sensitive content with real-time monitoring and alerts, data loss prevention, feature controls, and ethical walls

Cloud-scale content storage

Modern, cloud-scale design with sustainably fast ingestion, search, review, and export of for time-sensitive information requests

Robust eDiscovery features

Self-service allowing for an unlimited number of cases and ESI sources, multiple mailbox searches, legal holds, and large scale exports

Supervisory Review & Content Surveillance

Full supervisory pre- and post-review along with analytically-driven surveillance to reduce compliance risks

Office 365 archive
The Actiance / Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft Gold and Skype for Business Certifications

Actiance has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and, today, protects over 5,000,000 seats across all Microsoft communications and collaboration tools. Actiance is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft “Certified for Skype For Business" Compliance Provider.

office 365 archive
Simplify Office 365 Archive and Compliance

Actiance Platform for Office 365

Actiance allows organizations to harness the power of Office 365, Skype for Business, Yammer, SharePoint, and OneDrive while addressing the most demanding regulatory, eDiscovery, and information governance requirements. The Actiance Platform includes:

  • Vantage enables firms to apply and enforce granular policies to capture and preserve Office 365 content and non-Microsoft communications channels while providing feature controls, ethical walls, and data loss prevention
  • Socialite extends controls to public social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Workplace by Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
  • Alcatraz archives Office 365 content in an immutable content store equipped with robust eDiscovery and Supervision capabilities that are purpose-built to enable greater legal and compliance team productivity
Microsoft Azure provides the global scale and security enterprise customers need, enhanced by Actiance’s expertise in managing compliance.
Ryan McGee, Director, Security Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp
office 365 archive
Knowledge Center

About Office 365 Archiving

As the de-facto standard for the compliant capture of 80+ communications channels, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Actiance has an established track record of securely delivering content to Office 365 archive capabilities which are then accessible to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. The Actiance archive solution features are enhanced by being able to store a wide variety of non-Microsoft content formats, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Cisco Jabber, Slack, IBM Connections, Jive, Bloomberg – and many others. Actiance also enriches Office 365's archive features by ensuring that a complete binary record of communications is captured and delivered leveraging Actiance’ TrueCompliance ™ capabilities.

Actiance also extends Office 365's archive policy management capabilities by ensuring that policies are defined uniquely for high value or sensitive content can be enforced proactively when content is captured and prior to delivery within the Office 365 archive process. For example, firms may want to archive and store voice or video communications from Skype for Business. With Actiance, firms can enable feature controls with Vantage to define what content is captured for which users and deliver only that content. Similarly, organizations can create policies including the enforcement of ethical walls, data loss prevention, federation along with the real-time moderation of specific content sources to further refine what information is delivered to the archive. Office 365 archive requirements can also be uniquely satisfied with Actiance Alcatraz, which is a modern, context-aware content store that has the ability to understand any form of structured or unstructured data – including Office 365 requirements. Unlike the Office 365 archive process that converts all non-email content sources into an email message format, Alcatraz retains all the richness and conversational context that is unique to each communication network. For example, Socialite and Vantage both leverage the concept of a Snapshot, where a complete moment-in-time picture is captured that including a post, likes, shares, re-posts and re-tweets, along with all associated metadata. This entire record is delivered to Alcatraz, which preserve the full conversational context and richness that is lost by traditional email archives. Alcatraz delivers this richness for 80+ communications sources including unified communications, instant messaging, email, financial networks, and other content sources. Once content is delivered to Alcatraz, it is stored in a WORM-compliant content store that does not force all content to ‘locked’ in order to be stored immutably as is the case for Office 365 archive storage. The result – a modern, content store to that reflects the way organizations communicate today – while also meeting Office 365 archive demands as defined by information governance and regulatory requirements.

office 365 archive
Knowledge Center

About Office 365 Compliance

Office 365 compliance is enhanced with Actiance by enabling real-time policy controls against a wide variety of Microsoft content sources including Sharepoint, LinkedIn, Office 365 and on-premises Exchange email, Yammer, OneDrive, and Skype for Business and legacy OCS/Lync environments.As the de-facto standard for the compliant capture of 80+ communications channels and as a Microsoft Gold partner, Actiance bolsters Office 365 compliance with granular security and compliance policies alongside Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. With Data Loss Prevention, feature controls, ethical walls, federation, and granular data retention and disposition, Actiance strengthens Office 365 to withstand rigorous regulatory requirements.

Actiance also uniquely extends Office 365 compliance by delivering policy controls against 80+ communications networks, including non-Microsoft content sources such as Cisco Jabber, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Bloomberg, Symphony, Instagram, IBM Sametime – and many others. Compliance policies can be defined once, and applied globally or granularly to all communications channels. With Active Compliance capabilities, policies are defined uniquely for high value or sensitive content can be enforced proactively when content is captured. For example, Office 365 compliance policies may not require the capture of voice of video communications that could be taking place within Skype for Business. With Actiance Vantage, firms can enforce Office 365 compliance policies to define what content is captured for which users and deliver only that content to the Office 365 archive. Office 365 compliance is also enhanced by Actiance TrueCompliance ™ that provides a forensically-sound method of capturing a full binary record including all associated metadata enhances Office 365 compliance defensibility. For firms in financial services and energy, Actiance also provides robust Office 365 supervision that addresses both compliance pre-and post-review tasks. Vantage and Socialite provide the ability to moderate and provide compliance pre-review, while Alcatraz provides a feature-rich set of capabilities for Office 365 supervision. Compliance staff can define review policies, assign reviewers, create escalation paths and workflows, review content, and manage compliance reporting in a single, unified interface for unified communications, messaging, social media, and Office 365 supervision. Compliance staff can also leverage open APIs to deliver Office 365 supervision content to be aggregated with sentiment analysis and trade reconstruction applications for full, holistic content surveillance to proactively address complex compliance risks and emerging regulatory requirements including MiFID II.

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