Increasing data growth is a fact of life in today’s enterprise. Storage administrators struggle to manage data volumes across multiple, complex infrastructures – many of which have outlived their useful lives. Meanwhile, IT must deal with business users who continually push for use of new communication channels– while IT staff is constantly being consumed with delivering time-sensitive information requests from legal and compliance staff. These challenges often lead to:

  • Unacceptably high technology cost to maintain and support current systems;
  • Duplicative management of users and policies across siloed IT infrastructure;
  • Difficulty in monitoring and controlling new social and collaborative channels in use by business users;
  • IT and business risks created by poorly documented processes and inadequately trained IT staff performing critical eDiscovery and compliance tasks

Given this daily responsibility of managing technology resources, many IT organizations are now looking for new tools and technologies to lighten their daily load as well as provide legal and compliance teams with the capability to take more of the eDiscovery/compliance responsibility.

The Actiance Platform helps IT departments address storage management challenges as well as both regulatory compliance and eDiscovery requirements to meet federal, state and local regulatory requirements as well as current and newly amended eDiscovery requirements. The Actiance platform accomplishes this by automating the capture, archiving, policy management and monitoring of new and emerging social communications channels, social media platforms, and email content. IT organizations can benefits from lower cost and hassle of managing communication platforms, while improving the delivery of information to those that need it to meet rigorous legal and regulatory demands.

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