We help you mitigate messaging compliance risks

Secure and Compliant Messaging

Ensure compliance for messages, IMs, and SMS without fear for encryption

Encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and mobile texting are being used for internal and external communications. Businesses must ensure user privacy and capture and archive all business records on messaging platforms for regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements. Actiance Socialite enables:

  • Compliant data governance for encrypted messaging applications
  • Archiving and rapid, accurate eDiscovery for all real-time communications
  • Capture and control over messages, photos, files, and emojis
  • Near real-time alerts on non-compliant messaging violations

How Actiance can help with Messaging Compliance

Compliance for Encrypted Applications

Whether for WeChat, WhatsApp or SMS, all content is securely captured in real time for every user in your company

Capture Various Content Types

Messaging platforms will often include text, images, GIFs, files, and emojis. Socialite captures it all and retains the context of all conversations

Immutable, WORM-compliant storage and review

All messaging content is stored in a scalable cloud archive for fast and accurate search when responding to eDiscovery requests

The Actiance Advantage for messaging compliance

Capture Encrypted Content

Most messaging platforms today are encrypted while our compliance solution will capture the messages in its original format

Context Preservation

Ensure the context of all messages, files, and emojis are retained in its original format where the metadata is captured and stored for fast and accurate eDiscovery

Unified compliance and archiving

For all your communications and messaging platforms

Actiance delivers a unified platform enabling you to write policies once and apply them uniformly across messaging platforms, text messages, and many other communications channels. The flexibility of the platform allows you to set policies uniquely for a specific user, business unit, or geographic market requirement. The Actiance Platform includes:

Socialite: enables the compliant capture of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat and text messages
Alcatraz: an immutable, tamper-proof content store to meet retention and disposition requirements across social media and all content types

Knowledge Center

About Instant and Text Messaging Compliance

In a culture where speed is the key driver of communications and business results, many industries have opted to use the newest real-time technologies that surround us - tools specifically designed for real-time, instant messaging or text messaging. Today, instant messaging and text messaging applications have on average 93% open rate compared to 56% open rate for email. The rise of BYOD, mobility and globalization of the workforce has given rise and affirmation to these statistics. Regulatory bodies now fully recognize messaging and text data as enterprise business records that must be captured, retained, and searchable, such as the new rules defined in GDPR. Communications by definition has become a more broader term and messaging, text messaging has become a crucial component of it.

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