Ensure healthcare industry compliance, reduce eDiscovery risk, empower your employees

Healthcare providers, insurance providers, and those that provide them services (business associates), are at greater risk more than ever before due to emerging communications channels and the explosion of electronic information. Because of this, healthcare companies have an elevated risk of protected health information (PHI) data loss than ever before. The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recent updates to the HITECH Act and HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule make it a priority that data privacy and security are the highest priority and shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially with higher fines and legal actions at stake.

For example, one of the ACA’s goals was to reduce paperwork and administrative costs by moving away from paper-based records and towards electronic health records to cut costs, reduce medical errors and, improve the quality of care. This move to electronic information management means that all patient records and communications such as Doctor/Doctor, Doctor/Nurse, and Doctor Patient communications will be in the form of electronic communications and subject to retention and HIPAA security/privacy requirements.

Enhanced communication and collaboration
The Actiance Platform helps facilitate ACA and HIPAA/HITECH compliant communications between different members of clinical and patient care, and health plan teams by enforcing monitoring and record keeping policies.  With new forms of communication and enhanced protection, you can provide your employees access to clinical information, medical or pharmaceutical research to allow physicians and their staff to make the best decisions as quickly as possible.  You can also protect patient privacy and control who has access to highly sensitive protected health information to ensure it is only available to authorized physicians and staff.

The Actiance Platform helps organizations meet ACA electronic health record conversion and HIPAA/HITECH regulations for data retention, privacy and security by enabling the capture, archiving, control and management of new social communications channels, social media platforms, and email content.

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