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Financial Services Compliance

Maintain compliance with global regulations and policy.

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Actiance helps US and EU financial services customers including broker-dealers, financial advisors, hedge funds, exchanges, banks, and insurers, meet their compliance, supervision, and eDiscovery obligations.

FINRA compliance
Actiance for Financial Services

Keep all your communications safe and compliant.

Engage clients through the communication channels they demand while meeting FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, GDPR and MiFID II requirements with:

  • Active Compliance for real-time policy control
  • Data loss prevention to prevent leakage of sensitive information
  • Record-keeping and SEC 17a-4 compliant storage
  • Robust supervisory review and content surveillance

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How Actiance Can Help Financial Services Firms

TrueCompliance™ Content Capture

Forensically-sound content capture to withstand the most rigorous regulatory or legal scrutiny

Capture and Review in Context

Review conversations across email, social media, UC, messaging, and financial networks

Enforce Global and Granular Policies

Create policies to meet FINRA, SEC, IIROC, GDPR, MiFID II and other key US and EU financial regulations

Financial Services Expertise

Actiance is the de-facto standard for financial services communications compliance

FINRA Social Media
Active Compliance™

Enable proactive compliance with real-time policy controls.

Adopt a proactive posture toward the identification and remediation of compliance risks, including:

  • Real-time blocking and monitoring
  • Policy controls for instant threat detection
  • Granular feature control to disable specific functionality
  • Ethical walls to prevent communications across restricted groups

How Actiance Can Help Financial Services Firms


Block sensitive communications, posts, and files in real-time


Policy controls for instant detection of spam, viruses, malware, and other inbound threats


Control the use of features by users, groups, or business units


Prevent communications across restricted groups, e.g. between traders and advisors

FINRA compliance
Data Loss Prevention

Instantly detect and locate sensitive information.

Protect sensitive corporate information against internal loss and external threats by enforcing:

  • Real-time data security rules and controls against all data types and across all modalities
  • Deep data classification via in-context and in-content file scanning
  • User-defined policies and or hundreds of pre-populated regulatory and security rules
  • Forensic data collection, search, and reporting

How Actiance Can Help Financial Services Firms


Capture and control every type of content in real-time – across mobile devices, tablets, or desktops


Monitor sensitive information by scanning for content in-context within files, even in the most obscure locations


Comply with regulatory and security policies with hundreds of existing rules and controls, or create your own.


Advanced search and eDiscovery capabilities for information violation case management

FINRA Social Media
Data Retention and Archiving

Meet record keeping and immutable storage requirements.

SEC, FINRA, IIROC, FCA, GDPR and MiFID II regulations require firms to capture and retain information in a tamper-proof format that also ensures that information is always retrievable. Actiance addresses these requirements with:

  • TrueCompliance and the capture of 80+ communications channels
  • Enforcement of granular and global policies
  • SEC 17a-4 immutable (WORM compliant) data storage
  • A modern cloud architecture for instant access to content

How Actiance Can Help Financial Services Firms

TrueCompliance™ Content Capture

Forensically-sound content capture to withstand the most rigorous regulatory scrutiny

Enforce Global and Granular Policies

Enforce retention and disposition policies to meet specific financial market regulations

Immutable data storage

Tamper-proof content archival SEC 17a-4 WORM-compliant, tamper-proof data store

Modern cloud architecture

Built to scale, with lightning fast ingestion, search, and export

FINRA Social Media
Robust content supervision and surveillance

Meet rigorous supervisory review requirements.

Actiance helps financial services firms meet FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, GDPR and MiFID II supervisory review obligations faster and more effectively with:

  • Advanced supervisory pre-review features
  • Configurable case management workflows
  • Expressive review policies
  • Robust analytics and APIs

How Actiance Can Help Financial Services Firms

Advanced Supervisory Pre-Review

Including real-time moderation, message blocking, and feature controls

Configurable Case Management Workflows

Meet centralized or decentralized supervisory review models

Expressive Review Policies

Define channel-specific policies and custom detection filters to reduce false positive rates

Robust Analytics and APIs

Enhance visibility into communications patterns and uncover potential violations

Actiance Platform for Financial Services

Stay ahead of compliance.

Financial services firms lead other industries in their adoption of new communications and collaboration tools. The Actiance Platform enables the compliant use of 80+ communications channels to meet SEC, FINRA, IIROC, FCA, GDPR and MiFID II regulations with confidence. The Actiance Platform includes:

  • Vantage: to enable Active Compliance and pre-review across enterprise social, IM, UC, and financial networks
  • Socialite to provide compliance controls across public social media
  • Alcatraz, the modern context-aware content store to meet financial services retention, storage, and supervisory requirements
Alcatraz will allow us to do more than we could ever do with our legacy archive - with its ludicrous speed and open design, this is our platform for the future.
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Knowledge Center

About FINRA compliance

FINRA compliance entails a number of financial, operational, security, and record keeping requirements, as indicated each January within the FINRA Exam Letters. Within it, FINRA indicates its exam priorities for the year, guiding member firms on the FINRA compliance investments it should consider in the short term. For 2017, FINRA compliance emphasizes the need for data protection controls, highlighting the need for technologies that can protect sensitive information and store it immutably in a SEC 17a-4 WORM compliant environment.

FINRA compliance will also continue to focus on firms' use of social media as indicated by FINRA's note that firms must "ensure the capture of business-related communications regardless of the devices or networks used". Firms' investment in FINRA compliance should also consider analytics tools to be prepared for FINRA's emphasis on spotting activities of rogue brokers, whose activities may escape installed lexicon or random-sampling based methods of supervisory review.

Knowledge Center

About FINRA and social media

FINRA has led other regulated industries in defining how social media can be utilized by registered representative in conducting business with their clients. FINRA focuses on how firms are using social media in order to understand any potential relationship between it and the performance of the financial products promoted through those channels (as such a correlation could indicate that firms are using different marketing/advertising practices through social media than on traditional communications channels, which could trigger further examination of those practices).

Given FINRA's focus on emerging communications, firms should consider how existing technologies allow them to capture, provide pre-review, and assign retention policies to any content type and on any device used for firm business. Meeting FINRA guidelines on social media should also consider how those communications can be reviewed by existing supervisory tools. Social media is inherently dynamic, and firms need to understand what transpired over a series of tweets or messages, which can be difficult if using supervisory review tools designed for email. Those legacy approaches, including the vast majority of email archiving and supervisory technologies, convert rich social media conversational content into individual messages, which then must be re-assembled by review staff in order to meet FINRA social media compliance requirements outlined within FINRA 11-39. FINRA compliance risks increase as conversational content gets changed or deleted between the point in time when those posts were created and when they are reviewed. FINRA has continued to emphasize the the use of social media by firms carries the same FINRA compliance obligations as other channels, as noted in their 2017 Exam Letter, which indicated that firms "must ensure the capture of business-related communications regardless of the devices or networks used". The challenge of FINRA social media compliance can be addressed with Alcatraz, which retains conversational snapshots so that they can reviewed in their entirety - capturing all events including items that may have been changed or deleted. This context-aware approach ensures that firms can reduce risks of non-compliance with FINRA social media guidelines. Within it, FINRA has been clear that the use of social media is subject to the same records retention requirements as outlined within FINRA 4510 for email. FINRA has made social media a continued focus since then, most recently in issuing Spot Checks in 2015 to ensure that firms were utilizing social media in accordance with FINRA rules, and that firms and brokers utilizing social media were not producing financial results that differ significantly from those that don’t.

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