Ensure energy sector compliance, reduce eDiscovery risk, empower your employees

There’s no shortage of government regulatory oversight when it comes to the energy industry. Those regulatory agencies with oversight include the federal energy regulatory commission (FERC), the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC), the Securities and the Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for energy traders. In addition to email content, energy sector regulators have begun to focus on other forms of communications including corporate social media activity, instant messaging, chat, unified communications and collaboration applications.

Besides the regulatory risk, energy sector legal actions continue to flourish due to numerous industry related issues including power disruptions, environmental hazards, and pricing related inquiries. Corporate communications are usually a high priority target of discovery and the ability to apply legal holds and produce relevant content in the expected timeframe is a necessity in today’s business climate.

The Actiance Platform helps organizations meet NERC and FERC industry regulations for data retention and management by enabling the capture, archiving, control and management of new social communications channels, social media platforms, and email content. The Actiance platform also provides for SEC and CFTC compliance of energy company-based energy traders with the ability to apply supervision workflows and construct ethical walls between departments and individuals.

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