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Energy and Utility

You power the world, we’ll keep you connected with the FERC and NERC compliance controls you need

Actiance helps organizations meet state and FERC, NERC and other federal regulations requiring the capture, control, and archiving, of all communications.

FERC compliant
Comprehensive Communications Compliance

Stay ahead of NERC, FERC and state regulations.

Shell Oil has 1.9M followers on LinkedIn. Chevron has 300K Twitter followers. Energy firms have +6M Facebook "likes" and growing. Social media engagement between energy firms and customers must adhere to strict energy regulations, including:

  • 3- and 5-year record retention requirements from DOE and FERC
  • Ethical wall requirements within FERC Order 717
  • Supervisory review requirements for energy traders within CFTC
  • Critical infrastructure protection guidelines within NERC

Learn more about Actiance products for Energy and Utilities

The Actiance Energy and Utilities Advantage

Active Compliance Controls

Real-time moderation, alerting, and feature controls, including ethical wall enforcement to meet FERC requirements

Full Binary Content Capture

Preservation of complete binary records, message order, and hash values with forensically-sound TrueCompliance capture

Capture and Maintain Context

Snapshot technologies capture full conversational context which greatly simplify supervisory review within Alcatraz

Energy compliant content store

Meet all DOE and FERC record keeping, storage, and supervisory requirements with a WORM-compliant content store

How Actiance Can Help Energy and Utilities Companies

Minimize risk of data loss

Identify and eliminate insider anomalies to securely protect sensitive data inside enterprise bounds. With real-time Data Loss Prevention both out-of-the box and customizable policies, it is effortless for administrators to enforce policies instantly and at scale. Sensitive data detection capabilities include scanning files in-content and blocking sensitive files from being transferred or downloaded.

Enforcement of ethical walls

Satisfy the Independent Functioning Rule within Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 717 by ensuring that communications barriers are enforced between marketing and transmission function employees.

Content retention and disposition

Meet retention and disposition requirements of 3 years for Department of Energy (DOE) and 5 years for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for all communications.

Supervision and content surveillance

Enable compliance with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) supervisory requirements with expressive review policies, flexible workflows, and robust dashboards and reporting. Harness advanced analytics to spot compliance violations hidden within data and leverage full APIs to deliver communications data to downstream apps for holistic surveillance.

NERC compliance
Meet NERC, FERC, DOE, CFTC and state regulations

Actiance Platform for Energy

Energy firms have embraced new communications and collaboration tools to reach customers, improve internal collaboration, and engage supply chain partners. Actiance enables the compliant use of 80+ communications channels to meet NERC, FERC, DOE, CFTC and state utility regulations with confidence. The Actiance Platform includes:

  • Vantage: ethical walls, and feature controls across enterprise social, IM, and unified communications channels
  • Socialite: compliance controls across public social media.
  • Alcatraz: the modern context-aware archive to meet Energy requirements for retention, storage, and supervisory review
Failure to comply with NERC regulations can result in fines of up to $1 million per day, per incident.
NERC compliance
Knowledge Center

About NERC compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a not-for-profit corporation designed to improve the reliability and security of the bulk power system in the United States, and develops and enforces mandatory standards for reliable planning and operation of the power system. NERC routinely monitors compliance via regular and scheduled compliance audits and random spot checks to identify potential standards violations. Failure to comply can result in fines of up to $1 million per day, per incident.

NERC compliance focuses on providing sufficient security, operational, and management protocols suitable for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). These protocols are typically expressed by documented processes that are supported by automation and trained personnel to ensure the controls can be efficiently enforced. These controls include the use of advanced security technologies including encryption, anti-spam and malware solutions, as well as multi-tiered network and physical security elements. Operational elements are also important considerations for NERC compliance in order to ensure that data protection is managed at each stage of service delivery and that the possibility of data breach or inadvertent access to data is managed. Accompanying these controls is an on-going reporting and independent auditing function that ensures that the controls are actively monitored and managed throughout all phases of service delivery. For some elements of NERC compliance, attestation by third parties around standards such as SSAE16 - Type II provides assurance that firms are meeting requirements as outlined within NERC compliance guidelines.

FERC compliance
Knowledge Center

About FERC compliance

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas, and oil. From a communications perspective, FERC compliance focuses on accounting and financial reporting regulations and conduct of regulated companies. One key element of FERC compliance are retention & reporting requirements under Order 717 requiring 5 year retention and ethical walls between marketing and transmission employees.

FERC Compliance Order 717 requires firms to create an ethical wall between the marketing and transmission functions of vertically integrated companies that distribute natural gas and electricity between states (the “No-Conduit” rule). This requirement makes it necessary for Energy companies to manage their communications so as not to give preferential treatment to their affiliates. FERC 717 also requires that communications between transmission and marketing employees – ranging from instant messages to paper correspondence – be retained for five years. Additionally, many firms subject to FERC Compliance requirements must also address a variety of records retention requirements defined by state public utilities commissions. In the event that retention or other regulatory requirements conflict with FERC compliance guidelines, FERC has outlined that the more rigorous requirements should apply (for example, those with longer record retention requirements should apply).

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