Employees naturally gravitate toward technologies that make them more productive, especially new tools that speed communications and improve collaboration. However, IT tends to be wary of adopting new technologies without fully understanding how they can be controlled. This conflict between employees and IT causes unsanctioned applications to find their way into the workplace, creating additional security, legal, and compliance risks. Even when new communication technologies are officially sanctioned, complete application control often lags.

Alcatraz provides organizations with the freedom to seamlessly embrace new communications and social channels, with the necessary controls to ensure that security, compliance, and eDiscovery requirements are met without compromise.

The new standard in archiving: Conversations.  In context.
Alcatraz is a next-generation, cloud-based archiving platform for all forms of communications which uniquely preserves the context and richness of the original content. In contrast, first generation email archiving alters social, IM, and UC communications into email form, creating individual, disjointed ‘messages’ for each Tweet, post, or comment. This requires a significant amount of manual time and effort to piece together conversation threads that often occur over multiple communications channels. Maintaining the unique properties of each channel within conversational threads not only improves review efficiency, but also provides insights into patterns across those channels.

Faster search unlike any other.  On an archive unlike any other.
No one likes to wait–especially when it comes to getting what you need if faced with litigation. Alcatraz is built from the ground up on the same modern, elastic technologies that power Facebook, Netflix, and Google. As a result, Alcatraz can ingest, search, and export content dramatically faster than on-premises and first-generation email archiving.  Alcatraz can ingest up to 250 messages/second including the indexing, search, and retrieval of the first page of 119 million documents in less than a second and the export of up to 250 messages per second.

The Actiance platform supports today’s most popular social communications networks and is continually expanding coverage to address additional, emerging channels. The Actiance platform allows you to provide the most productive social communications applications available today to your employees, quickly, all without having to compromise your information management requirements.

All communications. All in one place.    
Alcatraz delivers on-demand scaling and performance in a single archive for all communications–from email and social channels to UC and IM–significantly reducing the total cost of information management. Its extensible platform ensures that additional, emerging communication channels or custom-built internal applications are easily integrated and brought under control.

Security to Protect Critical Information? Check.
Alcatraz delivers security and data protection without compromise to meet the highest standards for regulatory compliance and eDiscovery. Encryption for communications-in-motion and at-rest, as well as a comprehensive suite of security controls and key-management processes, ensure that the controls are continually monitored. It delivers a new level of security and compliance while freeing you from the substantial costs and resources issues associated with traditional archives.

An open invitation. APIs for third‐party and custom content.
Alcatraz is built upon an extensible content store with full APIs that can be leveraged by third parties to insert, search, access, and export archive additional communications and transactional content for advanced capabilities such as data visualization and analytics.

Alcatraz your way. A choice of deployment models.
Alcatraz seamlessly aligns with your IT architecture by supporting a choice in deployment options, including: a full multi-tenant cloud, dedicated private cloud, or on-premises implementations.

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