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Email Archiving Solutions

Familiar challenge. Modern solution.

Emails are sent every second

E-mail archiving solutions designed to preserve, search, review, and export email and any other content source - in seconds.

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Alcatraz: The modern, cloud-scale solution

The next generation of archiving email solutions

Email archiving solutions are a mature market category. In fact, the on-premises email archive you are currently using was likely designed 10-15 years ago. Cloud archives are the new norm and offer firms new capabilities to:

  • Quickly ingest and extract large volumes of email
  • Leverage modern cloud technologies for infinite scale
  • Deliver sustained performance with no single point of failure
  • Remove IT hassle and deliver significantly lower cost of ownership

The Actiance Advantage for Email Archives

Modern architectural design

Alcatraz leverages the same technologies that power Amazon, Netflix, and Google for sustainably fast performance

Granular policies for maximum control

Completely automate the retention and disposition of email, with policies defined globally or granularly by geography, user, group, or other parameters

Fully managed email archiving service

Alcatraz delivers a complete service that fully automates all core archiving features, seamlessly delivers updates, enhancements, and fixes with zero impact on your IT staff

Data Security and Privacy By Design

Alcatraz is delivered with documented security, management, and operational controls that are regularly audited and are backed by SSAE-16 SOC2, ISO 27002 and HIPAA attestations

How Actiance Can Help with Email Archives

Address complex use cases

Quickly and efficiently search, review, and supervise email for regulatory, eDiscovery, and investigative purposes, with results in seconds regardless of mailboxes searched or complexity of tasks.

Deliver historical content to end-users

Ensure that knowledge workers have fast, intuitive access to their own historical content to improve productivity and reduce incentive to create personal storage locations.

Archive Exchange, Office365, and other email sources

Archive with flexibility to support multiple email formats, as well as hybrid environments for organizations transitioning email services to the cloud.

Expert email archive migration services

Expertise in moving large, unstainable legacy on-premises email archives to the cloud, including Legacy Archive Health Assessments, Migration ROI Analyses, as well as Policy Migration services.

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Alcatraz – The Archive for the Next 10 Years

The Next Generation Cloud Email Archive

Alcatraz captures and preserves email and any form of structured or unstructured content, while preserving conversational context to speed review and analysis tasks, saving time and boosting productivity. Alcatraz provides:

  • A modern design, with the same technologies powering Netflix, Google, and Amazon
  • Granular policy management for retention and disposition of content
  • Flexible deployment in multi-tenant or dedicated cloud environments
  • A fully managed service with no IT hassle and significantly lower cost of ownership
Actiance harnesses domain expertise to address the cloud archiving market
Forrester Wave for Cloud Archiving, 2017
Email archiving
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About Archiving

Archiving email applications have matured as a product category since its origins in the late 1990s. Initially, e-mail archiving concerned reducing the storage volume on primary email systems with features such as stubbing that allowed for larger messages (typically containing attachments) to be replaced with lighter weight pointers to help improve messaging system performance. These features became less important as Exchange became more efficient, and soon afterward email archiving was primarily driven by regulatory compliance and eDiscovery use cases. However, systems designed during this initial generation of email archiving were built for on-premises operation, and typically required complementary investments in hardware, software, storage, infrastructure and professional services.

However, these on-premises archiving solutions for email have typically encountered a similar set of issues as email volume has grown. Because of its design around a single index and storage environment, larger volume is typically accompanied by deteriorating search performance and, in many cases, poor reliability due to index corruption. In order to maintain on-premises email archival performance, companies have had to make incremental investments in infrastructure and processing and storage capacity, which can represent a significantly incremental cost relative to the original licensing cost. Additionally, large IT staffs are required to maintain these environments due to the nature of their critical workloads, which are often supplemented with expensive outside professional services. In contrast, cloud-based archiving solutions has removed much of the IT management burden by leveraging remotely managed cloud services. Cloud service providers now inherit the responsibility for maintaining and operating the cloud email archiving service, which is a cost that can be spread over multiple customers. They can also offer cloud archiving as a service under software-as-a-service (SaaS) licensing model, which removes much of the ownership costs in comparison to on-premises systems. Additionally, cloud-based archiving service providers can more cost effectively upgrade and incorporate technology innovations into their service than most customers can achieve individually. It is due to these factors that cloud-based archival solutions are seen by most industry analysts to have 40%-50% lower total ownership costs compared to on-premises email archives. For more information on The Basics of email archives click here.

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