Reduce your eDiscovery risk and cost by proactively capturing, archiving and managing all of your social communications, in context, for effective collection, culling and first pass review.

eDiscovery is more than email
Your eDiscovery teams spend significant amounts of time tracking down potentially responsive content in response to eDiscovery requests. Some of the most difficult content to track down is social communications such as email, instant messaging, chat, and unified communications channels, mainly because employees tend to either not capture it or, move it to personal (unindexed) repositories. Finding these potentially relevant conversation threads can dramatically slow down response time and raise eDiscovery cost. This “hit and miss” social communications collections process can also raise the risk of court sanctions and loss of case due to incomplete or late discovery response.

The Actiance Platform for cost effective eDiscovery
The Actiance Platform enables faster and more effective discovery response by proactively capturing, securing, and making searchable, all of your social communications. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of thousands of emails or instant messages, reviewing for context and trying to piece together conversation threads. Now, through conversation threading across channels and use of communications analytics, responding to an eDiscovery request has never been easier. By proactively enabling faster search and review, the Actiance platform can help you reduce your e-discovery costs and expedite early case assessment.


Reduce the risk of spoliation
Corporate eDiscovery processes must target more than just email these days. Minimize your risk exposure to spoliation by automatically capturing, securing and managing all social communications channels so that litigation holds can be placed quickly, on just content responsive to the eDiscovery request.

More ways to review your content
Perform state-of-the-art electronic discovery through the use of “snapshots” (jumping to specific points in time to see what conversations, activities, and events looked like at that moment in time) to make sure you don’t overlook anything.  This also facilitates earlier case insight – should we defend the case or settle?  Being able to use fast search speed and advanced analytics allows for quick review of content in context, enabling you to develop the right case strategy, faster.

Well-positioned for the future
Given the pace of technological change and the seemingly endless growth in data consumption, you can expect that the variety and volume of data will continue to grow going forward.  Thus, it’s crucial to invest in a platform that understands the changing nature of communications and can easily accommodate a range of content sources, both now and in the future. The Actiance Platform’s capability and flexibility will ultimately make your organization’s eDiscovery processes more efficient and cost effective.

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