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EDRM & eDiscovery Solutions

Proactive collection and management of all of your social communications.

ediscovery software
Next Generation eDiscovery Solutions

Reduce eDiscovery risk with proactive capture and preservation of all your communications.

Actiance provides consistently fast access to communications, while preserving the conversational context and richness of each channel, resulting in greater eDiscovery efficiency and reduced risk.

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Key Features and Benefits for eDiscovery Solutions

Forensically-sound content capture

TrueCompliance™ to preserve a full binary record, metadata and hash of all content sources.

Review conversations in context

Preserve conversational snapshots to quickly arrive at the heart of the matter.

Robust legal hold management

Manage legal holds by custodian, content source, date range, keywords – all within a tamper-proof content store.

High-speed EDRM-XML export

Unsurpassed export performance to quickly deliver data to downstream legal review tools.

How Actiance Can Help with eDiscovery

US Civil Litigation

Meet requirements outlined within FRCP Rule 37(e) by capturing and preserving ESI in a tamper-proof content repository, while leveraging a modern, cloud-driven architecture to quickly and consistently access, review, and produce conversational context from 80+ communication networks.

Cross-Border eDiscovery/eDisclosure

Meet complex cross-border eDiscovery/eDisclosure demands by segregating content by geographic region and by limiting access to that data to specific authorized legal users. Additional flexibility can be provided by retaining archived content in specific geographic markets to meet locality and jurisdictional requirements.

Internal Investigations

Fast and reliable search and retrieval of information to conduct internal investigations across all employees and content sources, enabling efficient review of conversational context to determine who spoke to whom across communication networks, time horizons, on specific topics.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Response

Full content capture, tamper-proof storage, and fast search and retrieval allow firms and agencies subject to FOIA requests to quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries – well within time-sensitive Government or industry guidelines.

ediscovery solutions
Contextual Archiving and eDiscovery

Seeing the "Big Picture".

Alcatraz helps organizations prepare for eDiscovery by capturing, preserving, and enabling review of content from across 80+ communications channels. Unlike any legacy email archive, Alcatraz preserves the uniqueness and richness of conversations, maintaining interactions as conversation threads, as opposed to disjointed email messages. Alcatraz retains the context, thus enabling reviewers to quickly and easily get to the heart of a matter, saving organizations review time and money – and reducing the volume of data sent forward to downstream legal review.

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Given its ubiquity, social media data can prove important to e-discovery. Yet attorneys can’t generally apply the same strategy to social media platforms as they would to employee email communications—for which most e-discovery software is designed—posing new challenges for e-discovery professionals to find an appropriate solution.
The "Under the Hood" Approach to Social Media eDiscovery, By Gabrielle Orum Hernadez,
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About eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery software has traditionally focused on downstream, post-trigger eDiscovery tasks. There is eDiscovery software for document review, redaction, and production. However, there is also eDiscovery software addressing early stage tasks that can have significant impact on eDiscovery cost and risks. In particular, eDiscovery software focused on the areas of ESI identification, collection, preservation, and early case management.

This category of eDiscovery software can have a significant impact on a firm’s ability to meet FRCP guidelines, including FRCP Rule 37(e), and the newly implemented Rule of Evidence 902 subsection 14. FRCP Rule 37(e), implemented in December 2016, requires that firms take reasonable steps to preserve ESI required for eDiscovery, and that it can ensure that information is preserved in a tamper-proof preservation repository. Rule of Evidence 902 outlines new requirements that enable electronic data to be ‘self-authenticated’, helping firms to eliminate steps to prove that collected information is authentic. Software designed for eDiscovery can be used to collect information while preserving hash values and metadata to authenticate that the collection is authentic. Thjs kind of eDiscovery application focused on early case management can allow firms to search content stores in order to understand what data they have so that they can inform case strategy and better prepare for Meet-and-Confer sessions with opposing legal counsel.

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About EDRM

The eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) provides common vocabulary and framework that outlines the steps typically encountered within eDiscovery. It is more of a workflow or series of processes than it is a set of technologies, and there is not a single product that addresses all EDRM stages.

Actiance focuses on the early stages of EDRM, beginning with information governance that describes the policies and controls firms have in place to manage potential sources of electronically stored information (ESI). This stage of EDRM is covered by Vantage and Socialite that provide TrueCompliance capture of 80+ capture of 80+ communications networks, ensuring that all metadata and binary record is accounted for, and serving as an authentic replica of those native content sources to address the new Rule of Evidence 902 standard. Actiance virtually eliminates the need to undertake tasks typically associated with the Identification and Collection steps of EDRM, where ESI is traditionally collected on-demand for a specific matter. Actiance also addresses the Preservation phase of EDRM by ensuring that firms can place legal holds on ESI, and thus suspend them from their original retention and disposition schedules. This helps to automate steps required to demonstrate that “reasonable efforts” have been undertaken to satisfy the new FRCP Rule 37e preservation obligations from the November 2016 FRCP guidance. Actiance also addresses the Analysis phase of EDRM by allowing firms quickly and efficiently search, cull, and filter ESI so that the matter data set can be reduced to only responsive information and other ESI that requires further analysis. Actiance then delivers this information via and EDRM-XML interface to downstream document review tools to complete the remaining steps of EDRM.

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