Data Loss Prevention

Securely protect, retain, and access your communications.

4B records
were leaked in 2015

Prevent internal data loss and eradicate threats before they impact your business with real-time data protection and security across all communications channels

Data loss protection
Protect Data from Internal Loss and External Threat

Instantly detect and locate sensitive information and vulnerabilities.

Real-time policy controls to safeguard sensitive information using granular keyword search, in-content file scanning, and pre-populated regulatory rules to instantly locate content at its source.

  • Apply hundreds of native policy controls
  • Protect information across all modalities
  • Granular contextual data classification

The Actiance Advantage for Data Loss Prevention

Real-time monitoring, alerting, and blocking

Instantly identify and track sensitive information with real-time alerts and blocking features to prevent access, loss, or attack

Enforce hundreds of granular policy controls

Enforce hundreds of policies to natively control sensitive data across all supported channels in one unified platform

In-context and in-content data classification

Contextual and user-defined data classification across structured, unstructured, MS, CAD, source code, media content, and more

How Actiance Can Help with Data Loss Prevention

Threat Prevention

Stop outsiders from accessing your enterprise data. The Data Loss Prevention capabilities monitors and detect breaches and incoming threats across all channels. It prevents spam, malware, and blocks attack from unknown users, URLs, attachments, and content.

Data Protection

Identify and eliminate insider anomalies to securely protect sensitive data inside enterprise bounds. With real-time Data Loss Prevention both out-of-the box and customizable policies, it is effortless for administrators to enforce policies instantly and at scale. Sensitive data detection capabilities include scanning files in-content and blocking sensitive files from being transferred or downloaded.

Data Loss Protection
The security and compliance platform

Get active compliance for maximum protection.

Real-time communications make your employees more productive. However, with more people creating and sharing sensitive business content over social media, it’s imperative to monitor, secure, and manage your exposure to security risks. The Actiance Platform provides:

  • Leak Prevention: keep all communications secure in an immutable content archive that delivers real-time notifications to quickly identify issues and prevent data leaks
  • Threat Identification: real-time analysis of your dynamic content to help identify threats, malware, and viruses before they occur
  • Contextual Review: review conversations taking place over social channels as conversational threads - reviewing who communicated with whom, as well as any changes and deletions to a thread
48% of surveyed IT leaders will spend more on Data Loss Protection in the next 12-18 months
Osterman Research, January 2017
Data Loss Protection
Knowledge Center

What is Data Loss Protection?

Enterprise data breach and/or data loss is prevalent today and will be gaining even more momentum in a market where new technologies are flourishing without the sound security capabilities in place. In many cases, security standards do not fulfill the protection of information at scale due to the unknown ability of the attackers, both internal and external.

Actiance Vantage has the unique capability to identify and eliminate insider anomalies to securely protect critical data inside enterprise bounds as well as stop outsiders from accessing enterprise data. Data Loss Prevention makes it effortless for administrators to enforce granular data policies instantly and at scale. The critical data detection capabilities go as deep as being able to scan files in-content, block sensitive files from being transferred or downloaded, and monitor/detect breaches and incoming threats across all channels. It prevents spam and malware, and it blocks attack from unknown users, URLs, attachments, and content. Real-time policy control such as keyword definition, in-content file scanning, and pre-populated regulatory rules are put into action to help enterprises instantly locate and detect sensitive information at its source, applied to more than 80+ communications channels including Office 365, Cisco Jabber, IBM Sametime and Connections, Jive, Facebook and Salesforce.

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