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Data governance and protection for today's complex collaboration platforms.

Collaboration compliance
Collaboration Compliance

Work together. Compliantly.

Collaboration platforms have become commonplace for effective teamwork, sharing assets, and group communications. However, these platforms require a comprehensive compliance and archiving solution to meet regulatory and information governance requirements. Actiance offers:

  • Real-time alerts and governance for SharePoint, Jive, Slack, and Cisco Spark and more
  • Context preservation of all collaboration activities including a post, comment, shared document, or third party data
  • Capture and search over structured and unstructured data for high speed eDiscovery and effective case management

How Actiance can help with Collaboration Compliance

Real-time controls and alerts

Collaborate securely with real-time controls and alerts on content violations over files, messages, and platform activities.

Context Preservation

Regardless of what happens on platforms such as Jive and SharePoint, the metadata is retained and activities are time-stamped for full context archiving and eDiscovery.

Capture and Review All Content Types

Protect every type of asset and content on collaboration platforms across files, posts, photos, voice, structured and unstructured data.

The Actiance Advantage

Protect Every Collaborative Asset

Capture, retain, and hold every type of content constructed over collaboration or content management platforms. Context is preserved and metadata is delivered to cloud archive for high-speed, accurate eDiscovery.

Unified Management Across Platforms

Whether on Jive, SharePoint, Slack or Cisco Spark, protect data across platforms and provide unified data governance for all content types in an organized, context-aware way.

Collaboration compliance

Protecting Teamwork and Team Assets

Actiance delivers a unified platform to write policies once and apply them uniformly across various Collaboration and Content Management platforms including SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Jive, Slack, and Cisco Spark. The platform's flexibility allows unique policies for structured or unstructured content types, specific users, business units, or geographic markets. These capabilities are garnered through:

Actiance Vantage: Enables the compliant capture of various Collaboration platform activities including messages, posts, shared content, real-time collaboration content, images, videos, and third party content
Actiance Alcatraz: Provides an immutable, tamper-proof content store meeting retention and disposition requirements across social media and all content types

Knowledge Center

About Collaboration and CMS Platform Compliance

Collaboration technologies enables teams to work together in achieving a joint objective. The radical growth of the collaboration market, along with new applications focused on content management is at the heart of a digital and societal transformation providing a more effective method for people to achieve team oriented goals. But with this transformation, the types of content on collaboration platforms have become significantly more complex than instant messaging and email. Businesses need a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to govern, protect, and retain activities that are happening in real-time with today's Collaboration and Content Management Platforms. Actiance's unified solution provides real-time capture, supervision, controls, retention, and eDiscovery these invaluable Collaboration and Content Management Platform activities.

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