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Slack Compliance

Where work happens . . . compliantly.

Slack compliance
Manage Slack at any Scale

Meet your compliance obligations for Slack Enterprise Grid.

Slack is one of the most effective platforms for cultivating highly effective teams today, On a daily basis, Slack Enterprise Grid creates millions of electronic records based on the collaborative culture within a Slack channel. For organizations, this means increased risk for data loss, breach, and non-compliance with regulatory mandates. Actiance addresses these challenges with:

  • No Active compliance, only flagging and alerting is supported based on restricted phrases configured
  • Full protection of Slack records, including capture of content and context
  • Modern cloud archiving and advanced eDiscovery features

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How Actiance can help with Slack compliance

True Compliance

Vantage provides forensically sound, compliant capture of Slack content including metadata and full binary record of channel messages, direct messages, and file attachments

Policy Controls

Vantage delivers real-time policy controls that can be applied at a user, group or global level to help meet regulatory, legal, and corporate obligations

Cloud Archiving

Vantage automatically sends all Slack and other channel content to Alcatraz for accurate, fast, and highly effective search, eDiscovery, and supervisory review

Content Protection

Vantage ensures that Slack content is inspected and flagged, in real time, for sensitive information leakage, suspicious behavior, and targeted language

The Actiance Advantage for Slack compliance

Native Content Capture

Capture the full context of all content posted in Slack Enterprise Grid including messages, files, images, links, and user activity

Data Loss Prevention

Protects sensitive information with content inspection of messages and files, suspicious activities alerts, and content tagging

Export to Secure, Context-Aware Archive

Export to Alcatraz, Actiance's immutable and context-aware content store, or any legacy email archive

Fast eDiscovery Search & Export

Search and export case-specific content based on users, content type, date range, content violations, and more

Integrated with your existing systems or part of a complete Actiance Solution

Slack Compliance through Actiance Vantage

Actiance Vantage captures and controls Slack content as well as unified communications, messaging and industry-specific communications networks in real-time. Vantage also enforces communications boundaries and ethical walls. Data Loss Prevention policies are enforced with Actiance Vantage's ability to secure communications and protect sensitive information while enabling real-time moderation of regulated users. Vantage also provides;

*Cybersecurity threat protection for each channel
*Defensible content delivery to archives like Actiance Alcatraz

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About Slack compliance

The speed of Slack's adoption and use often surprises those tasked with archiving and compliance requirements. Its popularity and variety of communication channels creates a tough challenge, how to maintain regulatory compliance without impacting Slack's enthralling collaboration capabilities. Actiance Vantage provides Slack compliance in a scalable, enterprise grade application which can be easily paired with the archiving and compliance needs of other social media and collaboration channels. Vantage can also be integrated with existing archiving and compliance infrastructure with minimal effort. There will always be new, innovative and viral collaboration and communication applications, It is incumbent on the legal, compliance and IT groups to foretell new communication channels and be ready with compliance and archiving solutions

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