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Vantage Voice for Skype for Business

Capture, control, and secure your voice channels.

Skype for business
Delivering voice communications management

Rest easy. Voice compliance is assured.

Microsoft's Skype for Business with its voice, messaging, and multi-media features create a unique challenge for regulated firms to meet SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, and MiFID II mandates. Vantage Voice for Skype for Business captures audio streams and increases compliance coverage for Microsoft applications in the enterprise.

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How Actiance can help with Skype for Business Voice compliance


Vantage Voice captures all audio streams, inbound, outbound, locally or remotely from 1:1 or conference calls, initiated from IM, chat sessions, or independently


Vantage Voice preserves the full call detail and meta data for contextual playback, search, and review


Vantage Voice is an open platform for simple export to a voice media store or Alcatraz for efficient review and reporting

Granular Search & Retrieval

Search Alcatraz for content based on content type, users, date range, content violations, and more

The Actiance Advantage for Vantage Voice for Skype for Business

True Compliance Capture

Vantage Voice provides forensically-sound voice capture, preserving audio calls, message order, and meta data in native form, with checksums to ensure the data is tamper-proof

Robust Policy Controls

Vantage Voice enforces ethical walls with the flexibility to configure enterprise-wide identities, policies, and permissions at the global, group, and employee level

Secure Voice Compliance

Vantage offers real-time, secure capture of Skype for Business audio streams that are encrypted for recording, transport, and archiving

Supervisory Review & eDiscovery

Leverages Actiance's open platform for seamless export to a voice media store or Actiance Alcatraz for supervision, eDiscovery, analytics, and more

Compliant Coverage for Voice

Vantage Voice for Skype for Business.

Compliance risks increase as more unstructured, media-rich content such as voice, video, chats, and file sharing become a pervasive form of collaboration. Vantage Voice for Skype for Business reduces data risk and ensures that audio streams meet compliance requirements by providing:

  • Defensible capture of all voice streams with encryption and authentication technologies to ensure True Compliance
  • Control over voice interactions with ethical walls and policy management at the employee and group levels
  • Export of all audio content for archiving, supervision, and eDiscovery

Knowledge Center

About Skype for Business Voice Archiving.

Although Skype for Business provides some archiving capabilities for instant messages and meeting content, it lacks key features for monitoring, supervision, and eDiscovery. The Actiance platform captures Skype for Business and 80+ other communications channels, addressing the way your employees communicate today. The ability to weave Skype for Business rich media and voice streams with other forms of communications like Slack, Spark and Jabber into contextual conversational threads cannot be delivered by a singular application’s archive. In addition, Actiance’s sophisticated monitoring and supervision capabilities allow companies to regulate communications before they are deemed inappropriate, reducing compliance risk.

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