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Skype for Business Compliance

Aggregate and control Skype Unified Communications and collaboration tools.

Skype for business
Keep your business compliant

Meet your compliance obligations for Skype for Business.

Skype for Business' rich feature set has made it a ubiquitous collaboration platform for companies of all sizes. However, its voice, video, messaging, and conferencing capabilities can also create a unique challenge for firms that must meet compliance requirements from the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR and MiFID II. Actiance helps companies meet their oversight obligations by providing:

  • Controls to enable or disable specific Skype for Business features
  • Defensible capture of all Skype for Business interactions in-context
  • Retention of all Skype for Business content for archiving and eDiscovery

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How Actiance can help with Skype for Business compliance


Vantage enables secure collaboration with real-time controls and alerts on content violations over messages, files, and platform activities


Vantage captures the metadata of Skype for Business content and activities in-context, which are time-stamped and delivered to Alcatraz for archiving and eDiscovery


Vantage Voice for Skype for Business captures full call detail and record capture of Skype for Business voice with contextual playback and review


Vantage provides robust threat protection with policies by content type, keyword, or custom rules to prevent insider threat or accidental data loss

The Actiance Advantage for Skype for Business Capture & Archiving

Active Compliance

Vantage provides proactive policy controls over sensitive content with real-time monitoring and alerts, data loss prevention, feature controls, and ethical walls

Cloud-scale Content Storage

Alcatraz delivers a modern, cloud-scale design with sustainably fast ingestion, search, review, and export of for time-sensitive information requests

Robust eDiscovery Features

Alcatraz offers self-service eDiscovery capabilities, allowing for an unlimited number of cases and content sources, multiple mailbox searches, legal holds, and large scale exports

Supervisory Review & Surveillance

Actiance provides full supervisory pre- and post-review along with analytically-driven surveillance capabilities to pinpoint potential violations, helping to reduce compliance risks

A comprehensive compliance and archiving solution

Actiance Vantage for Skype for Business compliance

Actiance Vantage retains Skype for Business content in-context - including changes and deletes, captures metadata, and provides point-in-time snapshots of a single or many interactions. Actiance Vantage can deliver Skype for Business content to Actiance Alcatraz or any third-party archive for retention, supervision and eDiscovery. Get a demonstration of how Actiance Vantage can help you maintain compliant Skype for Business communications.

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About Skype for Business Archiving

Although Skype for Business provides limited archiving capabilities for instant messages and meeting content, it lacks some of the key monitoring, supervision and eDiscovery capabilities found in more purpose built, archiving and compliance applications. Actiance’s archiving and compliance, purpose built applications capture more than Skype of Business communications. It captures all communications used by your employees’ multiple communication methods. The ability to weave Skype for Business archives with other forms of communications like Slack, Spark and Jabber into a contextual roadmap of specific communications cannot be seen by a singular application’s archive. Archiving is still the “tail end” of communication process. Actiance’s sophisticated monitoring and supervision capabilities allow companies to regulate communications before they are deemed inappropriate.

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