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SharePoint Compliance

Empower compliant teamwork

Sharepoint Compliance
Bringing compliance to Sharepoint

Safely Harness the Power of SharePoint.

With more than 200,000 enterprises relying on it daily, Microsoft SharePoint has created a content ecosystem that businesses depend on to share, collaborate, and discover content. However, SharePoint's native capabilities to retain, preserve, and review content are not designed to address rigorous regulatory requirements from FINRA, FERC, IIROC, FCA, and other regulatory bodies. Actiance extends SharePoint compliance capabilities that allow firms to:

  • Stay informed of policy violations in real-time in order to react quickly
  • Meet rigorous content retention requirements
  • Reduce your compliance risks and review costs

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How Actiance can help with SharePoint compliance


Vantage provides configurable policies for blocking, monitoring, and alerting on messages, file sharing, file transfers and downloads, and desktop sharing


Vantage provides forensically-sound capture, including metadata capture with full binary record, including changes and deletions

Streamlined eDiscovery

Vantage captures full conversational context, which is delivered and preserved within Alcatraz to greatly improve eDiscovery efficiency

The Actiance Advantage for SharePoint compliance

Active Compliance

Vantage provides proactive policy controls over sensitive content with real-time monitoring and alerts, data loss prevention, feature controls, and ethical walls

Robust eDiscovery Features

Alcatraz offers self-service eDiscovery capabilities, allowing for an unlimited number of cases and content sources, multiple mailbox searches, legal holds, and large scale exports

Cloud-scale Content Storage

Alcatraz delivers a modern, cloud-scale design with sustainably fast ingestion, search, review, and export of for time-sensitive information requests

Supervisory Review & Surveillance

Actiance provides full supervisory pre- and post-review along with analytically-driven surveillance capabilities to pinpoint potential violations, helping to reduce compliance risks

An integrated compliance and archiving platform

Actiance Vantage for SharePoint compliance

Actiance Vantage captures Microsoft SharePoint content in-context - including changes and deletes, captures metadata, and provides point-in-time snapshots of a single or many interactions. Actiance Vantage can deliver SharePoint content to Actiance Alcatraz or any third-party archive for retention, supervision and eDiscovery. Get a demonstration of how Actiance Vantage can help you maintain compliant SharePoint use.

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About SharePoint Compliance

As the world's most popular content management and content sharing platform, Microsoft SharePoint has provided more convenience and productivity for the workforce than any other technologies available today. With the growing set of content being stored and shared on SharePoint, the regulatory mandates for mediums like SharePoint have also increased. Microsoft SharePoint compliance has become one of the biggest challenges for all regulated enterprises regardless of size. SharePoint's native compliance capabilities are simply not enough. It needs to rely on a robust, modern, and unified solution that takes care of SharePoint compliance, supervision, and eDiscovery. Actiance provides a unique yet one-stop shop for enterprises to reduce regulatory, corporate, and legal risks and stay protected both internally an externally.

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