With the rise of social networks (including Workplace by Facebook) and increasing use of social media channels, companies must evolve their communications yet remain in compliance with regulatory and internal guidelines.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to satisfy your internal stakeholders, customers and regulatory compliance plus,

  • How to retain business compliance and information governance when using Workplace by Facebook.
  • How to retain third party content, images, threaded comments and User details.
  • How to recreate multichannel conversions in context.
  • How Actiance can help you remain compliant yet integrate Workplace by Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Best practices to overcome these compliance challenges

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Jae Kim, Director of Social Media Products at Actiance,

Jae Kim is a product designer with 13 years of experience providing compliance solution for regulated industry. He works with CIOs, CCOs and IT Managers of Fortune-500 financial services companies to help them meet regulatory requirements and stay ahead of emerging social networks and compliance needs. 

Jasmine Wu, is Director of Product Marketing at Actiance,

Jasmine Wu is Director of Product Marketing at Actiance Inc., a leader in communications compliance, archiving and analytics. She works with the largest global customers across Telecom, Healthcare, and Financial Services, helping firms fully leverage innovative compliance solutions across unified communications and collaboration technologies.