Decision makers that are evaluating cloud-based archiving and storage solutions typically engage in comparative cost analyses against traditional, on-premises systems as a part of their due diligence efforts.

However, constructing a comparative analysis can be difficult because software, hardware, storage and infrastructure costs of on-premises systems can be distributed across multiple IT cost centers; and because many of these costs are embedded into the licensing costs for cloud solutions.

Osterman Research surveyed over 80 Veritas Enterprise Vault deployments and produced this research paper which

  • Examines the comparative cost of on-premises versus cloud storage and archiving solutions.
  • Presents the actual costs associated with maintaining a leading on-premises archiving solution – Veritas Enterprise Vault – from organizations that are currently utilizing that solution.
  • Shares a cost model to analyze the fully-loaded costs of maintaining and operating an Enterprise Vault environment versus the comparable investment in a cloud-based archiving solution.

Download this Osterman Research paper now.