An Ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure

Drug makers are just beginning to realize how social networks can improve business processes. Social media helps your organization share information and exchange ideas with your customers quickly, but doing so can involve considerable risk. That’s because social media is subject to the pharmaceutical regulations of litigators, legislators, and regulators.

So, what seems like a spoon full of sugar is often a tough pill to swallow when you consider regulatory requirements from agencies like the FDA. On top of that, increasing litigation has made it a business requirement to consider solutions that help bring down skyrocketing legal costs. Not having technology in place to help manage these requirements and increasing risks, or doing so without careful planning, can be a costly mistake.

Read this paper to gain an understanding of:

  • What the regulatory landscape of the pharmaceuticals industry looks like
  • What concerns you should be aware of from a legal perspective

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