Corporate use of new UC and enterprise communications tools is expanding at a dramatic pace. However, managing more tools creates new compliance and security complexities.

You want to enable maximum flexibility in the use of new productivity tools – without creating regulatory or information security risks.  View this recording and learn:

  • Unique compliance challenges created by UC and enterprise communications
  • Current and upcoming Vantages features for active compliance, data protection, and information security
  • How Vantage 2017 R1 innovations help you stay ahead of security and compliance challenges


Robert Cruz – Senior Director of Information Governance, Actiance

Robert leads the Actiance team in working with organizations to more effectively manage regulatory compliance and eDiscovery risks. He brings over 2 decades of Silicon Valley expertise and holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


Lynne Jennings – Senior Sales Engineer

Lynne Jennings has been a unified communications and collaboration aficionado since the heyday of Lotus Notes.  She has helped customers understand and adopt Microsoft’s UCC stack during its infancy, and more recently partnered on Cisco technologies.  Today, as an Actiance solutions engineer, she empowers organizations to safely employ social media and UC to achieve their corporate and regulatory governance goals.