Today, more energy firms are realizing that giving employees access to new communication and collaboration technologies is a very practical and cost-efficient way to improve customer service and lower cost. Enterprise and public social, instant messaging, and other communication networks can help improve productivity by keeping employees connected to each other and with customers in real-time.

However, this shift in communications patterns has also drawn the attention of energy sector regulators, making it difficult to be FERC, NERC, and CFTC compliant. As with other regulatory bodies, it is the content and context that matter – not the specific channel that the communication was delivered through.

So, how can energy firms enable these new tools while continuing to address compliance risks?

Join us for of our discussion of trends causing the shift in communications patterns in the energy industry, and best practices that are emerging that can help organizations take a proactive role toward regulatory compliance. We will conclude with an overview of how Actiance can help compliance teams to be more prepared for the growing use of communications and collaborative tools beyond email.

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Robert Cruz, Senior Director eDiscovery & Information Governance, Actiance, Inc.

Robert Cruz is Senior Director of Information Governance for Actiance, the leader in communications compliance, archiving and analytics. Mr. Cruz leverages more than 20 years of Silicon Valley experience in providing thought leadership on emerging topics including cloud computing, information governance, and Discovery cost and risk reduction. Prior to Actiance, Mr. Cruz was Senior Director of Information Archiving & eDiscovery for Proofpoint, Inc. Earlier in his career, Mr. Cruz served in a variety of management capacities at Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED), FileNet/IBM, BroadVision and Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Cruz holds an MBA degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.