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Vantage captures and secures all communications channels including voice & mobile content, SMS, IMs, unified communications and industry-specific networks in order to meet your compliance obligations.
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Active Compliance

Control all your communications in real-time.

  • Block sensitive communications, posts, and files in real-time
  • Policy controls for instant threat detection
  • Granular feature control to restrict functionality

Real-time blocking & monitoring

Block sensitive communications, posts, and files in real-time

Instant threat protection

Policy controls for instant threat detection

Granular feature controls

Granular feature control to restrict functionality

Fully Managed Service

Set granular content capture and export policies across the organization.

Comprehensive Capture

Capture all communication channels to meet compliance requirements.

  • UC, enterprise social, messaging & voice recordings
  • Advanced API for insertion of custom content
  • Unified identity management across all channels

Capture content from 80+ communication channels

Easily capture channels like Skype for Business, Jabber, SharePoint, Jive, and many more.

Highly customizable architecture

Advanced and open API enables integration of custom content.

Unique capture for easier review

Unique user identifier applied across all channels for ease of data governance.


Apply single policy across all enterprise communication channels.

Context Preservation

Maintain data in-context and in its native form.

  • Ensures transcript of full snapshot metadata
  • Compliant and unalterable version of original data
  • Review, in-context, in Alcatraz to improve review effectiveness

Full transcription of metadata

Metadata is preserved in full, rich snapshot format for ease of eDiscovery.

Unalterable history of content

Captures changes, revisions, embedded files, and third-party linked content.

Comprehensive & defensible review

Increase compliance review effectiveness with in-context capture.

True Compliance™

Forensically sound data collection in its native form.

  • Enables complete, full binary record capture
  • Preserves compliant message order
  • Maintains Chain of Custody for compliance and legal review

Full binary record capture

Capture of raw source data and stored in binary format.

Preservation of message order

Fulfillment of Electronic Records Management (ESI) rules and regulations.

Maintenance of chain of custody

Unbroken control over items of evidence from collection to preservation.

Verification of data integrity

Tamper-proof stamps on recordings and metadata.

Federation controls

Allow compliant communication with customers and partners.

  • Extensible enforcement of communication boundaries
  • Customizable external whitelist and blacklist settings
  • Inter- and intra-company ethical walls

Enforce communication boundaries

Secure and successful communication beyond company boundaries.

Create blacklists and whitelists

Control group access and authorization grants assigned to federated users.

Extend ethical walls

Control traffic between internal and external teams and between users or groups in the same company.


Let Vantage help you solve your most complex enterprise challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Uncompromising data capture to meet every need of regulatory compliance.
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Tamper-proof post review of communications across all content types and channels.
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Forensically sound collection of ESI preserved in context for unified discovery.
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Comprehensive capabilities to deliver original content to any archive & content store.
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Data Protection

Real-time policy management across data and all content types for optimal protection.
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Actiance is well-established and has a long track record in the capture and archive of a variety of communication data

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