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The Modern Content Archive

See Alcatraz in Action

Alcatraz’s modern, cloud-based content archive captures and preserves 80+ communications channels with an extensible architecture to address the latest new channels

Context-Aware Preservation

Designed for today’s modern communications and workstyles

  • The industry’s fastest and most scalable cloud archive for all electronic communications
  • Preserve any form of structured or unstructured information
  • Snapshot technologies retain conversational context
  • Capture conversational events including changes and deletes

Beyond Email Archiving

Complete preservation of all communications data in its native form.

Snapshot Technologies

Preserve moment-in-time communications.

Capture Events

Including conversational edits and deletes

Follow Conversations

Knows who communicated to whom about what.

Cloud Scale Architecture

Designed with the same next generation technologies powering Netflix, Amazon, Google

  • High speed ingestion, search, and export performance
  • Sustained, reliable performance regardless of volume with no single point of failure
  • Fully managed service with low, predictable cost of ownership
  • Not on the cloud yet? Learn how you can move your archive to the cloud and enjoy better performance at a lower cost

Modern, Cloud-scale Technology

Lightening fast performance regardless of number of users or data volume.

Fast Ingestion, Search, Export

Dramatically improve throughput and response time.

No Single Point of Failure

High availability with truly distributed processing.

Fully Managed Service

Delivers 40-60% lower TCO than legacy solutions.

Single Pane of Glass

Unified solution for all content-driven use cases

  • Unified user identities and policy management across all communication channels
  • Reduce risk and improve efficiency of compliance supervision, investigations and eDiscovery
  • Enable fast, reliable end user access to historical content

Unify User Indentities

Automatically map users to content sources.

Enforce Policies

Create policies once and enforce everywhere.

Search Multiple Users with Ease

Address complex eDiscovery and Compliance demands.

Enable Fast End User Access

Provide users with seamless access to historical content.

Extensible Content Services

Seamlessly fits into your infrastructure – now and into the future

  • Full APIs for ingestion, migration, classification, and more
  • Enrich content and metadata to enhance downstream applications
  • Developer program with SDK and access to developer resources
  • Flexible deployment – dedicated for public cloud or on-premises

Full, Open API

For ingestion, migration, classification and more.

Enrich Content and Metadata

Normalize data to power downstream workloads.

Developer Resources and SDK

Easily integrate third party applications.

Deployment Flexibility

Cloud or on-premises to meet locality requirements.

Uncompromised Data Protection

Data privacy and security to meet demands of complex, global firms.

  • Forensically-sound, TrueCompliance ™ capture
  • Data encrypted in motion and at rest
  • Immutable, tamper-proof content storage
  • SSAE-16 SOC2, ISO 27002 and HIPAA attestations

Forensically-sound Capture

TrueCompliance ™ for defensible capture

Robust Data Encryption

Your data is never in the clear – in motion or at rest

Immutable, tamper-proof

Certified WORM storage to meet SEC 17a-4 and HIPAA requirements.

SSAE-16 SOC2 &, ISO 27002 Attestations

Audited security management and operational controls


Let Alcatraz help you solve your most complex enterprise challenges

Regulatory Compliance

Meet industry, regional and multi-national regulatory demands.
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Meet FINRA, SEC, IRROC, and MiFiDII supervisory demands across all content types and channels.
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Search, preserve, review and export ESI quickly and efficiently.
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Information Governance

Meet FINRA, SEC, IRROC, and MiFiDII supervisory demands across all content types and channels
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Data Protection

Protect data in an immutable, tamper-proof content store.
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Actiance is well-established and has a long track record in the capture and archive of a variety of communication data with a focus on unified communications, IM and business/consumer social content.
Alan Dayley, Gartner 2016 Enterprise Information Archive Magic Quadrant

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