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CA Data Protection (Orchestria) Safe Landing Program

Migrate from CA Data Protection to Actiance in 5 Easy Steps.

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CA Data Protection (formerly Orchestria) no longer offers product enhancements and will reach end-of-life in June 2019. Is your organization at Risk?

CA Data Protection Safe Landing Program

Easily transition while meeting today's supervisory requirements.

  • CA Data Protection Health Check
  • Policy Migration Tools
  • Annual Service Credits
  • Complementary Training Programs

CA Data Protection Health Check

A 4-hour interactive workshop to kick-start your migration planning

Policy Migration Tools

Access to tools to automatically convert retention and supervisory policies to Alcatraz

Annual Service Credits

Service credits to off-set the cost of data migration

Complementary Training Programs

Training for end-users and supervisory staff led by Actiance's team of CA Data Protection experts

CA Data Protection Health Check

Kick-start your migration planning.
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  • Environment Health Check
  • Data Migration Assessment
  • Policy Effectiveness Assessment
  • Reporting Assessment

Environment Health Check

"Start of day" review of policy syntax for performance and accuracy

Data Migration Assessment

Assessment of supervision data count and quality for high-level determination of level of migration effort

Policy Effectiveness Assessment

Determine effectiveness of current system and flexibility to implement desired supervisory policies

Reporting Assessment

Assess the current reporting capabilities to meet FINRA/SEC requirements

Enabling the next gen of supervision

A modern architecture for today's communications.

  • Capture any form of structured or unstructured content
  • View all communications in a single, integrated interface
  • Open, extensible platform to power downstream applications

Capture any form of information

Vantage and Socialite capture and preserve conversational context to enable fast, efficient supervisory review

View all communications channels in a single, integrated interface

Alcatraz displays full conversational threads, with sub-second search and retrieval, to expedite supervisory review

Open, extensible platform

Alcatraz provides policy-based routing, and content classification and enrichment to power downstream surveillance and trade applications


Let Actiance help you solve your most complex compliance challenges.

Data Loss Prevention

Vantage prevents internal data loss and eradicates threats before they impact your business with real-time data protection and security across all communications channels.

Regulatory Compliance

Alcatraz enables firms to meet industry, regional, and multi-national regulatory demands

Information Governance

Alcatraz enables enforcement of retention policies to meet governance demands across all content types and channels

Robust Supervision Features

Alcatraz enables firms to meet FINRA, SEC, IIROC, and MiFiD II supervisory demands across all content types and channels


Alcatraz delivers search, preservation, review and export of ESI quickly and efficiently

The innovative and open Actiance Alcatraz archive platform supports the ingest of multi-dimensional surveillance data. Working together, we have developed a streamlined process for extracting, tagging, and ingesting rich multi-dimensional surveillance data into Alcatraz.
Danielle Amatulli, Owner & CEO, Technically Creative, Inc.

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