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The Actiance Executive Briefing Series

Let’s Talk eDiscovery: It’s not just about email anymore

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Let’s Talk eDiscovery: It’s not just about email anymore.

Anything and everything is potentially discoverable. Companies are now considering the prospect of denying their employees (and customers) access to new forms of communications because the company’s not sure how handle it for eDiscovery. For competitive reasons, this is a losing strategy.

Recent amendments reiterated the requirement that “reasonable” efforts must be made to preserve all potentially responsive content, no matter its sources, as soon as possible. The challenge of identifying and preserving these new forms of communications has never been greater or hold more risk if not accomplished appropriately.


Communication channels continue to change and evolve. Are you able to capture and protect all of them, beyond email, at a moment’s notice?


Recent amendments mandate the reasonable effort you must take to preserve all potentially responsive content… What are the risks if you can’t?


Prepare for the inevitable. Ensure your ability to identify, collect, and preserve all of your enterprise communications, not just email. Reduce your eDiscovery risk and cost by putting a system in place designed to do just that.

Let’s Talk eDiscovery: It’s not just about email anymore. Join the conversation at the Actiance Global Executive Briefing featuring Industry Thought Leaders. Register Now!
April 6, Scottsdale
Capital Grille
11:30am — 1:30pm
March 23, Denver
The Capital Grille
11:30am — 1:30pm

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