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Get an EV Archive Health Check

Get an Actiance Legacy Archive Health Assessment – a quick, painless service to help companies arrive at an informed legacy migration strategy.  The Heath Assessment includes:

  • Legacy Data Survey: We will utilize purpose-built inspection tools to sample your legacy data in order to understand data demographics – including how much data is aged beyond your current retention policies.
  • Performance Bottleneck Scan: Explore current legacy archive performance to identify root cause issues impacting performance speed and reliability issues.
  • Exception Analysis: Examine the presence of custom tags, as well as existing archiving issues created by directory changes, distribution group changes, etc., to assess their impact on migration.
  • Cost Analysis: Sample legacy archive data and assess current performance, followed by an estimate of costs to prepare for a successful migration.

We will also consult with your team to review the impact of your migration strategy and in the development of plans for a full, or tiered migration approach. The end result: A legacy migration project that is executed reliably and predictably, with lower cost and fewer surprises.

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