eDiscovery Solutions for Office 365

eDiscovery for Office 365 with Actiance Alcatraz

Most companies can use Office 365's native eDiscovery capabilities

But that may not be enough

The native eDiscovery functionality in Office 365 is satisfactory for most companies. Its supervisory, monitoring and policy capabilities help most companies handle the occasional need for eDiscovery, legal hold and upholding various company policies.

But for other companies, especially in regulated or litigious environments, they need additional functionality. Unfortunately, the need to perform eDiscovery beyond Office 365 interactions usually creates multiple archiving systems for different communication channels (like Jabber, Slack and many others).

When your needs move beyond Office 365's native eDiscovery capabilities and Office 365 communications, Actiance can help.

How Actiance can help meet your Office 365 eDiscovery needs

Multiple Channels

Archive and perform eDiscovery on email, voice, IM and over 80 other communication channels using Actiance Alcatraz.

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring can be performed on Office 365 communications and the myriad of other channels your company uses.

Greater control

Alcatraz provides various legal holds, permissions, reviews and supervisory capabilities beyond Office 365's native functionality.

Archive built for voice, social media, collaboration applications and email

While archaic archives were built for originally for emails, they translate every other communication channel into an email format, Alcatraz puts all communications into a much more useful, contextual format.

The Actiance Advantage for Office 365 eDiscovery

Advanced eDiscovery

Granular searches and legal holds using Alcatraz's enterprise archiving and ediscovery capabilities

Supervisory Review

Alcatraz meets FINRA 3110 booking requirements at an unlimited scale and allows for a wide range of Supervisory capabilities

Search & Review in a Contextual Archive

Preserving all communications in the native format, Alcatraz provides a clearer reconstitution of interactions.

Concurrent search capabilities

Alcatraz's revolutionary eDiscovery and archiving architecture allows concurrent searches. (That's why so many of the largest financial institutions rely on Actiance)

office 365 archive
eDiscovery for Office 365, voice and over 80 other communication channels

Office 365 eDiscovery

Alcatraz compliments Office 365 by capturing, preserving, and enabling review of content from across 80+ communications channels. Unlike legacy email archives, Alcatraz preserves the richness and uniqueness of conversations, maintaining interactions as conversation threads, instead of reformatted email messages. Alcatraz retains the interactions in context, enabling reviewers to easily and quickly get to the core of the matter, saving organizations time, money and frustrations.. In addition, reducing the amount of data sent to reviewers, makes them for efficient.

Knowledge Center

Office 365 eDiscovery: native or not

Companies have a tough choice. Live with the eDiscovery capabilities within Microsoft Office 365 or move to a more inclusive archiving and eDiscovery application. The decision will be critically important in the event of an egregious litigation or regulatory compliant. Since many groups within your company are part of the decision making process, the best method for deciding is to document Actiance's and Office 365's capabilities, costs, security and scalability and then decide. Actiance eDiscovery experts can help you by tailoring a demonstration and discussing specifically for your company and your needs. They'll show you Office 365 eDiscovery best practices and specifically how other companies have implemented Actiance eDiscovery capabilities with great results.

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