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Cisco Jabber Compliance

Compliant collaboration anytime, anywhere

jabber compliance
Collaboration without the risk

Compliance across all points of contact.

Determine what Cisco Jabber content your business needs to retain and set policies to capture only the most relevant communications. Actiance Vantage for Jabber captures and set usage policies for Jabber instant messages and files as well as:

  • Fulfills regulatory requirements set by the SEC, FINRA, IIROC, FCA/PRA, FERC, FRCP, HIPAA, and more
  • Enables seamless export of all Jabber content to Actiance Alcatraz for a complete compliance and archiving solution

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How Actiance can help with Cisco Jabber compliance


Captures and monitors malware, virus, and SPIM prevention

True Compliance™ Capture

Contextual metadata capture with full binary record, including changes and deletes

Granular Policies

Configure policies for blocking, monitoring, and alerting on Jabber IMs, file sharing, file transfers and downloads, and desktop sharing


Comprehensive reporting including usage and trend reports at user, group, and global levels

The Actiance Advantage for Cisco Jabber compliance

Active Compliance

Proactive policy controls over sensitive content with real-time monitoring and alerts, data loss prevention, feature controls, and ethical walls

Cloud-scale Content Storage

Modern, cloud-scale design with sustainably fast ingestion, search, review, and export of for time-sensitive information requests

Robust eDiscovery Features

Self-service eDiscovery, allowing for an unlimited number of cases and ESI sources, multiple mailbox searches, legal holds, and large scale exports

Supervisory Review & Surveillance

Full supervisory pre- and post-review along with analytically-driven surveillance capabilities to pinpoint potential violations, helping reduce compliance risks

A comprehensive compliance and archiving solution

Actiance Vantage for Cisco Jabber Compliance

Actiance Vantage retains Jabber content in-context - including changes and deletes, captures metadata, and provides point-in-time snapshots of a single or many interactions. Actiance Vantage can deliver Jabber content to Actiance Alcatraz or any third-party archive for retention, supervision and eDiscovery. Get a demonstration of how Actiance Vantage can help you maintain compliant Jabber communications.

Knowledge Center

About Cisco Jabber compliance

The growing complexity and diverse use cases of Cisco Jabber are creating challenges for enterprise compliance and security teams as new compliance requirements are set forth by the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and many other regulatory bodies. To ensure Cisco Jabber can be safely, securely, and compliantly deployed in any organization regardless of size and location, organizations need a comprehensive solution that first and foremost ensures Cisco Jabber compliance.

Actiance is the leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics and uniquely enables the control and management of all Cisco Jabber content. Actiance Vantage ensures real-time blocking, monitoring, and tagging of Cisco Jabber content regardless of content structure. Everything is captured and retained in context for ease of eDiscovery and review.

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