Workplace by Facebook is Here, and Actiance Socialite Has Your Back

Earlier this month Facebook unveiled Workplace, the enterprise version of the popular social media network. Already, more than 1,000 organizations are using the tool to collaborate with colleagues. While it faces a slew of competitors, it is expected to build traction in the enterprise given the widespread affinity and familiarity to the social network.

Workplace is architected to function like Facebook while allowing businesses to manage and create their own social networks amongst employees. But while the application of the widely familiar Facebook interface is lowering the adoption hurdle for employees to collaborate via social networks, it also ups the ante for creating and enforcing compliance policies.

Thankfully for businesses looking to deploy Workplace, Actiance announced Actiance Socialite support for Workplace. With Actiance Socialite, company employees can share and engage using the latest public and enterprise social channels, while ensuring security, governance, and compliance needs are met.

Managing complex compliance policies can be challenging. Actiance Socialite simplifies this complexity by providing the ability to:

  • Centrally retain complex metadata including third-party content capture, uploaded images, threaded comments, and user details
  • Enable users to discover members and groups and capture communications using the admin API access
  • Capture social communications data in context to streamline compliance
  • Hold the data in context on Actiance’s archiving platform, Alcatraz, for smarter search, hold, and review across all applications

To learn more, watch Worry-free and Compliant Collaboration with Workplace by Facebook.