CA Orchestria | Data Protection Migration Program

Today we announced a program to help firms using CA Data Protection, formerly known as CA DataMinder, DLP, and Orchestria, smoothly and compliantly transition to the Actiance Alcatraz platform (read press release here). Many months went into crafting the program elements so that Actiance could offer the most comprehensive package that would allow compliance departments to confidently ‘sunset’ the CA application well before the proposed June 2019 ‘end of life’ date. Here, I would like to highlight parts of the Alcatraz migration program and offer additional commentary on how current Data Protection customers would benefit.

The ‘end of life’ announcement was a surprise to many. Having been a former Chief Compliance Officer, user of Orchestria, and eventually employee of the software vendor, I immediately thought of the tough decisions that many compliance departments would soon have to face.

Historical Data Migration

First, and most important, is deciding what to do with all the historical data sitting in the Orchestria environment. Reviewed communications and their associated metadata are ‘books and records’ of the firm that require specific retention periods and special handling. Given the complexity and importance of this data, Actiance partnered with the premier experts in CA Data Protection, Technically Creative, to ensure that all content is moved compliantly and then able to be easily reconstructed in the Alcatraz Platform. Fortunately, the Actiance Alcatraz content store was built to store any type of content, unlike a traditional email archive, where Actiance stores the historical  Orchestria messages, policy event data, and review decision in original form so that they are easily retrievable as if they existed in Alcatraz all along. The benefit is not only the assurance that all data extracted from Orchestria made it to Alcatraz, but also that reporting, searching, and exporting of the data is available for investigations or for regulatory purposes.

Risk Detection Policy Migration 

The second point of concern with migrating from CA Data Protection was whether a new system could match the accuracy and flexibility of the Orchestria Policy Engine. Here, customers considering Actiance Alcatraz have many options: the Actiance team of former Orchestria policy experts will migrate a firm’s existing policies so they work in Alcatraz, or customers can use our modern library of pre-built detection filters that were developed gathered over the last 10 years of and hardened with extensive testing.

Employee Hierarchy and Review Workflows

Another major issue is how to replicate the Orchestria hierarchy so that policies and workflow can remain intact. Again, customers have several options available to them ranging from using the existing employee structure to redesigning the current configuration so that it is more modern and flexible.

Compliance Dashboards and Reporting

Lastly, compliance departments are very concerned with retaining current and bespoke reports. Actiance experts will migrate all the existing reports and legacy data associated with them. Additionally, the Alcatraz platform includes a custom report and dashboard builder allowing compliance administrators to create and publish customer reports and dashboards.

The value to firms considering a move to Actiance Alcatraz is not only to near ‘one-to-one’ migration from one system to another, but also offers highly specialized expertise and a more modern archiving platform. Our CA/Orchestria Data Protection experts will perform a complimentary assessment of your environment in preparation for a move to Actiance Alcatraz and also hold design and ‘best practice’ workshops for each of the phases:

  • Historical Data Migration Assessment
  • Identity Mapping Assessment
  • Policy Effectiveness Assessment
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Reporting Assessment

Life After the Migration to Actiance Alcatraz

With the change from CA/Orchestria Data Protection comes opportunity. Once the historical data is migrated and new content is flowing through Alcatraz, compliance departments now have entirely new capabilities:

  • Analytics
    • Evolve from using simple policies and keywords to detect risk to utilizing artificial intelligence in your supervision program. Actiance’s partner community provides add-on capabilities to your existing Alcatraz investment.
  • Real-Time ‘Active Compliance’ on all eCommunications
    • Leverage native Alcatraz controls to interrogate, block, or quarantine messaging from non-email platforms
  • Capture over 80 Channels of Communications and Review them Near-Natively
    • Capture, store, and supervise popular communication channels, like Skype, and Slack while having the benefit of viewing them in near-native format
  • Centralize all Content in One Place
    • The Alcatraz content store can collect and a supervise all data relevant to your compliance program, such as voice, trades, and HR data simplifying trade and event reconstruction