With Socialite, your organization can rest assured that it has the security, governance, and compliance it requires for its employees to share and engage on social networks, including granular policy management, social media workflows, communication analytics, and approved content libraries.

Control features with granular policies
Different groups and users often have different network access needs. Decide which features that groups or individuals can access while browsing social network websites on your corporate network. From unrestricted to read-only access, Socialite gives you the flexibility to customize policies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube that meet your unique requirements.

Meet compliance requirements
Social media can be created, edited, and deleted at any time by virtually anyone, making it difficult to keep track of changes. For instance, edits to LinkedIn Profiles is of particular interest in the financial services industry.  Strict rules around advertising require that changes to a financial advisor’s LinkedIn Profile must be pre-reviewed. Socialite simplifies this process by seamlessly integrating the capture, the review, and modification of LinkedIn Profile updates.  The entire workflow is recorded and can be sent to your existing archive or to Alcatraz, Actiance’s context-aware cloud archive. In Alcatraz, content and activities can be retrieved and reviewed contextually, making it faster and less costly for legal and compliance teams to do their jobs.

Engage and understand your audience
Marketing and selling socially requires having solutions that help your business units improve engagement. Socialite provides teams with the tools to capture, understand, and their social relationships. The Socialite engagement portal allows social sellers to engage their customers, follow key connections to help make sure they are engaging at the right time, with the right people, using the right content, and apply analytics to track and measure results of social networking activities.

Enable secure access to best-in-class platforms
Social marketers tend to live inside of social relationship and social media management platforms, rather than on the native websites or in engagement portals. Socialite integrates with leading platforms including Spredfast and Shoutlet to ensure that organizations can provide the supervision, archiving, and security they need for social marketers to use these platforms in a compliant way.

Prevent leaks and keep information safe
Keeping sensitive information inside your business is a high priority, which is why Socialite is designed to monitor social media for key words, phrases, and patterns. It alerts your compliance teams in real-time if concerns are detected, allowing them to react quickly to ensure your business is protected. It even includes multi-level content review capabilities for added flexibility in your compliance review processes.

Powerful SDK, open partner ecosystem
Easily integrate content from you custom-built, internal applications and apply Socialite policies centrally and consistently to ensure governance across all your applications, and future-proofing your investment in Actiance.