Today we are reinventing Enterprise Information Archiving

kaonstage.ibmconnect2014As you read this, I will be on stage at IBM Connect’s Opening General Session making a very special announcement.    I’m honored to have been asked by the IBM team to join them and use this amazing event to usher in the reinvention of Enterprise Information Archiving.

Alcatraz is a cloud-based archive for email and other real-time communication channels that reduces the cost of eDiscovery by uniquely displaying dynamic social content in context.

Actiance has managed, captured and made safe new forms of communications – like instant messaging, like chat room, like VoIP, like social media and enterprise social software – for more than a decade.  But, frustratingly, the traditional solutions available for long-term archiving have failed to retain the unique structure of this content, instead flattening it and forcing it into an email format, thus removing all of its context.

With Alcatraz, we’ve removed that problem.  Alcatraz is the world’s first context-aware archive.  Cloud-based and purpose-built for these new forms of communications, Alcatraz delivers a unique solution to an exponentially growing number of real-time conversations while still remaining responsive to the ongoing requirements of an email archive.

Today’s users create content that includes replies, comments, blogs, deletes, and edits to postings on social platforms – all in real-time.  It’s so very different from yesterday’s staid and static email.  You can see why applying an email-centric design to social and real-time communications content just doesn’t work.

Let me give you an example:   You’ve got a single Facebook (or Jive or IBM Connections or “insert your own social platform here”) post that generated 30 comments to it.  With traditional email archives, a separate email is created for the initial post and for each of the 30 comments.  That’s 31 separate emails. Try putting that together in a hurry and you’ll have a very stressed-out attorney working the case.  Here’s a screenshot of what a social media conversation might look like with today’s email archives:


The result is an unusable mess, where it would take an attorney and his staff countless hours to piece together that very same conversation thread.  Alcatraz takes a uniquely different approach, retaining and retrieving content in a social journal, even edits and deletes, as fully threaded, contextual conversations.  Here’s what a similar thread would look like in Alcatraz:


Alcatraz also uniquely provides the ability to replicate what a blog or discussion board looked like at a particular point in time.  These “snapshots” make it easier for auditors, attorneys, and litigation support staff to find what they’re looking for, especially when Alcatraz highlights what’s changed since the last snapshot. Alcatraz also helps investigators identify all of the conversations across different social platforms for each custodian by unifying their identity. Ultimately, our customers are able to reduce the risks and costs associated with eDiscovery.

To further underscore the importance of a unified platform for information governance, Alcatraz is a natural extension of our other products, Vantage and Socialite.  Where Vantage and Socialite focus on the policy management of unified communications, collaboration, and social media, Alcatraz closes the loop by providing the records management, long-term archiving, and legal hold capabilities that are critical to a comprehensive social governance strategy. Moreover, Alcatraz imports policy violation notices from Vantage and Socialite to provide additional information about custodians.

To recap, I want to summarize the key differentiators that Alcatraz brings to the table:

  • A single repository for email, social media and other real-time communications
  • A social journal that preserves context in an easy-to-view format
  • Ease of search and review via identity reconciliation across data sources
  • The import of policy violations and other data from Vantage, Socialite and SecurExchange
  • Deployment flexibility in the cloud (multi-tenant or dedicated)

Please join me in welcoming Alcatraz.  I and the entire #TeamActiance look forward to sharing how this groundbreaking solution can retain the context of your social communications, reduce your costs, and help you unleash social business.